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Linear Squared drawing best minds in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligen­ce


Pioneers in AI-driven business solutions in Sri Lanka, Linear Squared recently brought on board Prabath Gunawardan­e, an ex-Google Engineer and a Ph.D. in Computer Science as CTO and Devini Senaratna, M.S. (Stanford University) as Chief Data Scientist of the company.

Coincident­ally both Mr. Gunawardan­e and Mr. Senaratna are alumni of the University of Colombo, who have topped their respective batches during their undergradu­ate years, a media release by the company said.

Speaking on his motivation to join Linear Squared, Mr. Gunawardan­e was quoted as saying, “I have known Sankha ( Sankha Muthu Poruthotag­e Ph.D - CEO) for 18 years. After he founded Linear Squared, we obviously kept each other closely updated about our start-up journeys. He approached me about coming on-board after Linear Squared started their product shift last year. I found the premise of 'big-data to proactive actions' very interestin­g. I had a chat with the team, looked at the products in depth, and collaborat­ed on some of the technical problems. I found the algorithmi­c challenges to be extremely interestin­g and the people to be smart and engaging. I was also excited to build game changing products from scratch. All this made the decision rather simple at the end of the day.”

After a short stint as an Assistant Lecturer, Mr. Gunawardan­e went on to complete his Ph.D. at the University of California Santa Cruz in 2011 and specialize­s in Computer Graphics, Vision, and Machine Learning. Since then he served as a Software Engineer at Google Maps till co-founding his own start-up, SleepScale in 2016.

Ms. Senaratne obtained her BSc from the University of Colombo and spent the next two years working for the University of Colombo, both as an Assistant Lecturer and Primary Statistici­an on multiple Social Policy Research projects with organisati­ons such as the World Bank. She went on to complete her M. S. at Stanford University, US. Prior to Linear Squared, she had a long and successful stint as a senior Machine Learning Engineer for Roam Analytics in the US, a leading AI and ML product company for the health sector, according to the media release.

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