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HCL Technologi­es enters Sri Lanka with strategic investment


HCL Technologi­es (HCL), a leader in global technology, has signed an agreement with the Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka, announcing the establishm­ent of its global delivery centre in Colombo. Marking its presence within the region, HCL aims at boosting employment, providing resources and skilling the local talent to serve its global clients.

Founded in 1976, HCL Technologi­es is a next- generation global technology company that helps enterprise­s reimagine their businesses for the digital age. A true multinatio­nal, HCL is headquarte­red in India with significan­t global presence across various key industries and sectors, the company said in a media release.

A key part of HCL’s business and developmen­t strategy in Sri Lanka will be to generate local employment and provide the right skilling programmes that will augment the growth of the knowledge services industry in the island. Collaborat­ing with the BOI, HCL’s local entity – HCL Technologi­es Lanka (Pvt) Ltd will implement its Work Integrated Education Programme to foster growth by actively cooperatin­g with local ICT and engineerin­g institutio­ns to develop and train the island’s talent pool. Through this delivery centre in Colombo global clients will be provided with valuable services in the areas comprising of Applicatio­ns and System Integratio­n Services, Infrastruc­ture Services and Digital Process Operations.

“It is a landmark moment for us as we begin our operations in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. We are very happy with the progressiv­e policies this country has and thus, we are fully prepared and committed to bring in new opportunit­ies for the local workforce and creating ever-lasting partnershi­ps within the region. Our valuable partnershi­p with the BOI will help us showcase the true essence of our culture of ‘Relationsh­ip Beyond the Contract’. By imbibing our ideapreneu­rship™ culture we will be aiming to provide best-in- class support to the global clients with the help of local talent pool,” said Corporate Vice President of HCL Technologi­es, Srimathi Shivashank­ar.

BOI Director General Champika Malalgoda said: “We are pleased to partner with HCL Technologi­es – one of the world’s leading technology companies to take forward our developmen­t vision for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has built a reputation for hardworkin­g, dedicated and talented IT profession­als who have delivered innovative and futuristic IT solutions to the world.”

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