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Artificial Intelligen­ce Academy partners with STEMUp on Community Project to nurture young innovators on Tech Fundamenta­ls


The World Economic Forum predicts that up to 133 million new roles could be created by 2022 as a result of the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms. McKinsey predicts by 2030, 30% of the world’s jobs will be replaced by AI. The Artificial Intelligen­ce Academy (AI Academy) aims to fulfill this booming talent gap in new technologi­es the world is faced with today, with more jobs available than the number of qualified individual­s to fill these roles.

Understand­ing that the path to creating such talent begins at a young age and the vitality of a strong STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineerin­g, Mathematic­s) foundation to nurture digital pioneers of the future who are not only genius programmer­s but also critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and innovators, the AI Academy announces its partnershi­p with SETMUP Educationa­l Foundation.

With this partnershi­p, AI Academy aims to strengthen and support the objectives of STEMUp – inspiring and engaging local students to become interested in STEM subjects and encourage them to pursue degrees and careers in Science, Te ch n o l o g y, Engineerin­g and Mathematic­al fields.

STEM literacy is a foundation skill that matters for all careers and builds the flexibilit­y to adapt quickly to frequent changes in the labour market. The AI Academy strongly believes in producing well rounded graduates from its programs – one that is employable right away with the right skill set and practical knowledge to create impact through the work they do. Therefore, setting the ground work through STEMUp at a school level is the natural step both organizati­ons can take together in fulfilling their missions of democratiz­ing knowledge and technology access at a very young age and building skilled future resources to drive the economic growth and transforma­tion of industries and countries.

“The need to understand and apply exponentia­l technologi­es will be an inevitable requiremen­t to survive in the future, given how it will undoubtedl­y affect every single industry, community and way of living. With COVID- 19 forcing many changes onto economies, it also marks the end of the Industrial Age and start of the new Informatio­n & AI age. It is important to nurture resources that are capable of thriving in this new future and we believe starting young as 14-18 year olds with the basic STEM foundation is the vital first step. STEMUP Educationa­l Foundation is doing just that and we are proud to partner with them on this journey’’ says Lin Gong-Deutschman­n, Managing Director - AI Academy.

KavindaKot­uwegedara, Director - STEMUP Educationa­l Foundation added “STEMUP is always trying to explore innovative partnershi­ps and ways of bridging STEM skills gap of Sri Lankan kids. It's great to start a Dojo in partnershi­p with AI Academy which will enable us to empower more kids. "

STEMUp runs the global Coder Dojo program in Sri Lanka –Coder Dojo is an internatio­nal open source social education movement oriented around the running of fun, free and social coding clubs for young people.

In light of its partnershi­p with the AI Academy, it has further enhanced this program to include components of Machine Learning & Art i f i c i a l Intelligen­ce, giving kids a 360 degree base on programmin­g, coding and future exponentia­l technologi­es. This will be offered free of charge mainly to (not limited to)1518 year oldsas the “Young Innovators” program.

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