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Enigma of a Sri Lanka Rugby President SLFP in sideline battles on other fronts also


For the now emaciated Sri Lanka Freedom Party ( SLFP), the August 5 parliament­ary elections campaign is not the only task.

It has opened up several other fronts at the same time. The political commentary in our issue today reveals how a ding- dong battle between the SLFP and its stronger partner the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna stalwarts is now playing out on election platforms.

According to the SLFP's Deputy

Leader Rohana Luxman Piyadasa, the party has written to the Election Commission complainin­g against the Samagi Jana Balavegaya ( SJB), using the colour blue. This colour has throughout been associated with the SLFP.

Much the same way he snatched a large segment of UNP parliament­arians to the SJB and gave the nomination­s to contest, SJB leader Sajith Premadasa has changed colours too. Along Kotte Road his multi- storeyed office earlier flew green flags. It is now carrying green and yellow flags. But party stalwarts say their colour is green, and some of them sport green and yellow – a true rainbow party.

Prof. Piyadasa said that if the Election Commission did not take action, the SLFP would initiate action in courts.

Another front the SLFP has opened up – a small army of lawyers who are monitoring the media, meetings and other publicatio­ns. The SLFP Lawyers

Associatio­n Acting Secretary said “if they are defaming former President Maithripal­a Sirisena or destroying his good name, we will initiate legal action against them."

One of the accusation­s against former President Sirisena, he said, was that he was occupying an official bungalow.

“Past Presidents Chandrika Bandaranai­ke Kumaranatu­nga and Mahinda Rajapaksa too have received official residences,” he pointed out.

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