Sunday Times (Sri Lanka)

Beware your hand sanitiser may explode


Here is a warning for motorists who place their hand sanitiser bottles on top of their dashboard when parking their vehicles in a parking lot.

Exposure to sunlight could cause the content to heat up and end in an e x p l o s i o n . Thi s is because of the high alcohol content in the sanitisers.

A recent incident in the American state of Chicago, led to a major fire where a car was all burnt inside, the dashboard, seats and upholstery. The front window too was cracked. The owner had placed a bottle of sanitiser on top of the dashboard. The rays of the sun heated it and that led to the explosion. The particular sanitiser contained 80 percent alcohol.

Health authoritie­s in Sri Lanka advise motorists to keep the sanitiser either in their car locker, compartmen­t on the doors or compartmen­ts where there is no direct sunlight.

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