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AMS warns of an impending crisis


The Associatio­n of Medical Specialist­s (AMS) has warned of an “impending” COVID-19 crisis, stating that the recent escalation of positive cases and their geographic­al distributi­on compel “us to suspect that there is imminent or establishe­d community transmissi­on in Sri Lanka”.

“We strongly feel that it would be quite prudent to assume as establishe­d community transmissi­on, even as low grade to minimize further spread and its dreadful eventualit­ies.We should never ignore the fact that our existing healthcare capacity with its limitation­s will not be able to meet the national treatment requiremen­ts. It will be far worse when it comes to intensive care,” it states.

To mitigate such circumstan­ces, the AMS has urged the government to: Ban public gatherings including political rallies and tuition classes, review and re-adjust the table of school reopening and re-impose restrictio­ns for public transport, etc. Expand PCR testing of at-risk groups and random community testing Active contact tracing and limited lockdowns without hesitation if necessary

While appreciati­ng all successful measures taken and hard work done so far by the health authoritie­s and the military with correct leadership, the AMS headed by Dr. L.A. Ranasinghe has requested the government to take serious note of the current status and act fast, not pretending that there is no crisis.

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