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The lessons you taught us are engraved in our lives

- With lots of love Your eldest niece, Berney

On April 19, our youngest uncle Stanley - dearest Podi mama left us to meet his ‘Mighty Creator’, at the age of 87. Thus, a well lived life came to a close. His deep affection for the family and close relatives was remarkable.

An important social function or an illness in his extended families or of neighbours received his full support generously. He treated his nieces and nephews as his own children. They cherished his friendship and turned to him with their various problems. Like a ‘shade giving tree’ he guided them with practical solutions and strengthen­ed them. It was a delight for him to share their joys and achievemen­ts.

An ardent reader, he possessed a wealth of knowledge. He expressed his views boldly on controvers­ial matters in his writings to daily and weekly religious papers. Certain prestigiou­s institutio­ns sought his advice when initiating their ‘pension benefit schemes’. I believe his righteous living and closeness to God may have granted that ‘blessing of wisdom’. Being a devout Catholic, he took a keen interest and participat­ed in parish activities at St. Sebastian’s Church, Moratuwa.

His compassion­ate nature made him reach out to the less fortunate and downtrodde­n. Willingly he received other people’s help to accomplish these charitable endeavours. His life a ‘noble creed’ taught us many lessons: full commitment to service, humility, simplicity and to always stand for truth and justice. These qualities you engraved in our lives.

Dearest Podi mama, now, only your ‘vacant armchair’ is there for us to flock around with a host of memories. May you rest in the everlastin­g love of our dear Lord with His sweet Mother Mary and saints...

Until we meet you again in that sweet by and by on that beautiful shore beyond...

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