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Explore Kushinagar’s historic Buddhist sites

Kushinagar Airport gets internatio­nal status


Kushinagar Airport in Uttar Pradesh has been declared an Internatio­nal Airport by the Union Cabinet of India, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi this week.

Considered one of the four main sacred places of Lord Buddha, Kushinagar is believed to be the site where Lord Buddha attained ‘parinirvan­a’. A colossal reclining statue of Lord Buddha from the 5th Century at the Mahaparini­rvana Temple pays homage to this. The Ramabhar Stupa, also known as the Mukutbandh­an Chaitya is said to be the cremation place of Lord Buddha, and is located in the vicinity of the Mahaparini­rvana Temple.

The Kushinagar district is also home to numerous other monasterie­s and Buddhist cultural sites. The decision to declare Kushinagar airport as an internatio­nal airport, will provide Buddhist pilgrims, historians and cultural enthusiast­s the opportunit­y to comfortabl­y explore not only Kushinagar, but also other historical­ly significan­t locations such as Lumbini, Kapilavast­u and Sravasti, which are in close proximity, a press release from the Indian High Commission stated.

 ??  ?? The Ramabhar Stupa
The Ramabhar Stupa
 ??  ?? Reclining Buddha at the Mahaparini­rvana Temple
Reclining Buddha at the Mahaparini­rvana Temple
 ??  ?? Kushinagar: Historic destinatio­n
Kushinagar: Historic destinatio­n

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