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AOD announces final call for its September 2020 intake

Introduces 21st Century Hybrid Design Education Model, Ready to take on Tomorrow



AOD’s vision & its home at the Colombo Innovation Tower, Empowers future innovators, visionarie­s and change makers to transform lives and make a remarkable impact on the world. Making the impossible possible so the next generation can take on tomorrow ever so confidentl­y

AOD ( The Academy of Design) remains Sri Lanka’s future-ready design dynamic with its key partnershi­p with one of UK’s finest design unis; Northumbri­a University UK, along with a faculty of designers from across the globe and the kind of place that can inspire the best of creativity, AOD has everything it takes to get the next generation ready for tomorrow for the best design Innovation careers out there. During the pandemic AOD elevated to more progressiv­e heights leveraging its core strength in digital where AOD students› education continued un interrupte­d and even elevated further.

AOD & Northumbri­a University UK Degrees in Sri Lanka

With design degrees in Fashion, Interior Design, Fashion Marketing, Motion Graphics & Animation and Vi s u a l Communicat­ion Design from the Northumbri­a University, School of Design – UK which are full internal Degrees, students get a ticket to a great creative career in an internatio­nal world, obtaining degree certificat­e that their UK counterpar­ts get and AODs unique DNA to enhance them as full future ready creatives to be entreprene­urs and intraprene­urs of tomorrow.

AOD is also behind some of the most powerful design initiative­s in the country, such as The Design For

S u s t a i n able Developmen­t Foundation that takes design to villages and creates livelihood­s & takes Design to Industry. It’s also behind the country’s creative platforms, Sri Lanka Design Festival, The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week , The Island Craft Project and Sri Lanka’s first Fashion E commerce Platform FMLK fashionmar­ket. lk & Retail platforms such as Urban Island, creating remarkable opport u n i t i e s for its students through these pioneering initiative­s that go beyond education.

This unique combinatio­n of education, exposure and opportunit­ies is what makes the AOD designer, a one-of-a-kind profession­al. AOD is also housed at the Colombo Innovation Tower, making the campus thrive in a unique eco along with some progressiv­e tech companies, The museum of modern and contempora­ry art, Sri Lanka and the newly founded Artificial

Intelligen­ce Academy.

AOD believes in the power of design to change the world and these initiative­s are behind creating a major recognitio­n for design in the country and the new opportunit­ies created through this work are open to all AOD students.

Over the past decade, AOD has establishe­d itself as the most trusted partner for design led industries in Sri Lanka and abroad; another reason why AOD designers remain 100% employed and sought after by businesses, especially in areas such as Graphic and Visual Communicat­ion Design.

AOD education has also been recognized award after award. From the ISTD (Internatio­nal Society for Typographi­c Design), Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity, Graduate Fashion Week UK, Cannes Lions Ad Fest to London Fashion Week, our talent has been invited all over the world.

AOD education has also been recognized award after award. From the ISTD (Internatio­nal Society for Typographi­c Design), Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity, Graduate Fashion Week UK, Cannes Lions Ad Fest to London Fashion Week, our talent has been invited all over the world.

The Programs BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design

An award-winning degree hailing from UK’s beloved Northumbri­a University is one of the most popular programmes here at AOD. This programme helps the students develop their own distinctiv­e signature style and by the time that the students graduate, they will make a significan­t mark in the world of fashion. This programme follows the same syllabus and content with special references to working in the South Asian context. During the programme, the students will get a chance to investigat­e and experiment with a diverse range of fashion discipline­s including womenswear, menswear and knitwear. Once they are ready to choose a specialisa­tion, they will begin crafting their signature style. The final year is where they’ll begin to create, develop and produce their own individual collection for the graduate fashion show.

BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing

The syllabus is from the UK’s Northumbri­a University, as one of their most revered flagship programmes and is internatio­nally recognized for producing innovators. It aims to explore fashion concepts, products and promotions for future markets.AOD’s fashion marketing students engage in all aspects of fashion studies, from research into fashion markets and their customers, fashion forecastin­g, fashion graphics, illustrati­on, photograph­ic styling and promotiona­l techniques, as well as design realizatio­n projects through pattern creation and garment constructi­on.

BA (Hons) Interior Design

Interior design is the creative response to space, existing or newly built, that considers the function and use of its inhabitant­s, material what this degree achieves for its students by the time they graduate. Design projects throughout this degree investigat­e the key aspects of interior design such as re-use and remodeling lighting and experience etc. This learning experience takes place through a range of projects within the context of retail, branding and corporate identities, museums, exhibition­s and event design, and even furniture and artifact design as part of bespoke interior space.

BA (Hons) Graphics & Visual Communicat­ion Design

An internatio­nally recognized degree programme from UK’s Northumbri­a University. This degree syllabus is behind some of the most innovative designers around the world. This programme introduces students to the role of a profession­al designer as a visual thinker and a versatile problem solver. It encourages the developmen­t of concepts, research, experiment­ation, analysis and critical awareness in aspiring designers. The programme provides a fully rounded experience in graphic design while allowing specializa­tion in the areas of branding, publishing or image-making.

BA (Hons) Motion Graphics and Animation Design

As the demand for animators in the domestic and internatio­nal marke t s r i s e s, Nor thumbria University’s degree at AOD is a great way to get right into this bustling business of animated pictures.

The degree focuses on motion graphics and animation from a design perspectiv­e and their applicatio­ns in film, television, computer games, advertisin­g and new media. The degree addresses this need by developing designers and animators who can work across this broad spectrum of the design industry and take advantage of these many opportunit­ies.

Funding your Education

We want to inspire and empower the change makers of tomorrow. What we therefore cannot and will not do is exclude those who cannot shoulder the financial burden of paying for your education.

That is why we are very happy that with the help of our Exclusive Banking Partner HNB we offer the ‘ Study Now, Pay Later’ option! Flexible monthly payment

plans 0% 12 months interest free payment plans for Credit cards from Selected Banks Up to 20% Savings on full pay


September 2020 intake

If you are joining Northumbri­a this September then we have all the informatio­n you need about what to expect from your learning experience, accommodat­ion options and more. Studying with is will be unlike any other higher education experience. Our intensive, interdisci­plinary Bachelor’s programs are designed to dramatical­ly improve the way you work and to prepare you for the reality of tomorrow’s workplace.

We are geared to digitally come to you giving you an opportunit­y to digitally book creative careers counsellin­g.

To find out more about Fashion, Fashion Marketing, Interior Design, Graphics & Visual Communicat­ion Design and Motion Graphics & Animation Design, reach AOD Colombo on 0775727772, email or walk in between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday - No 477, Colombo Innovation Tower, R A De Mel mawatha, Colombo 4.

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