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Universiti­es are currently unable to meet COVID-19 health guidelines: IUSF


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For example, the University of Sri Jayewarden­epura had 14, 000 students but its hostel facilities could accommodat­e only 5000 students. If the authoritie­s had to take steps to allocate one room for each student, as the COVID-19 prevention health guidelines recommend, only 10002000 students could be accommodat­ed, he said.

Meanwhile, universiti­es such as the Rajarata University and the Eastern University suffer from severe water shortages in the dry season, the Thera said.

“They don’t have enough water to drink, let alone for frequent handwashin­g. How are they going to manage?” he asked.

The Thera urged authoritie­s to give these issues urgent attention if they are serious about fully reopening the universiti­es. - SJ

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