Sunday Times (Sri Lanka)

Teachers’ salary anomalies ignored after COVID outbreak


Last week, the Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU) claimed the Government is ignoring the requests made by teachers for a review of their salary anomalies. CTU General Secretary Joseph Stalin said the unions had been asking for a salary increase for teachers even before the pandemic occurred, but their demands were shelved due to outbreak in March 2020.

He said both former Education Minister Dullas Alahapperu­ma and current Education Minister G.L. Peiris had promised a review of teachers’ salaries in the 2021 budget hearing.

However, Mr. Stalin said with the budget coming up next week there still was no talk of salary increases.

“We demand that the teachers’ salaries be reviewed and adjusted according to the recommenda­tions made by former minister and educationi­st Richard Pathiranan­a back in 1994,” he said. (CC)

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