Chi­na Fo­cus: CCDI com­mu­ni­que vows new pro­gress in Par­ty gover­nan­ce

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BE­IJ­ING - The 19th Cen­tral Com­mis­si­on for Dis­ci­pli­ne In­spec­ti­on (CCDI) of the Com­mu­nist Par­ty of Chi­na (CPC) adop­ted a com­mu­ni­que at its third ple­na­ry ses­si­on held from Fri­day to Sun­day.

Xi Jin­ping, ge­ne­ral se­cre­ta­ry of the CPC Cen­tral Com­mit­tee, Chi­ne­se pre­si­dent and chair­man of the Cen­tral Mi­li­ta­ry Com­mis­si­on, ad­dres­sed the ses­si­on, whi­le other Par­ty and sta­te le­a­ders, in­clu­ding Li Ke­qiang, Li Zhans­hu, Wang Yang, Wang Hu­ning, Zhao Le­ji, and Han Zheng, at­ten­ded the mee­ting.

A work re­port of CCDI, de­li­ve­r­ed by Zhao Le­ji, head of the CCDI, was pas­sed at the ses­si­on, ac­cor­ding to the com­mu­ni­que.

CCDI mem­bers agreed that it is an im­por­tant po­li­ti­cal task for all the Par­ty mem­bers to ca­re­ful­ly stu­dy and im­ple­ment Xi’s speech de­li­ve­r­ed at the ses­si­on, the com­mu­ni­que said.

The top pri­o­ri­ty of the CCDI’s work in 2019 remains firm­ly sa­fe­gu­ar­ding Xi’s sta­tus as the co­re of the CPC Cen­tral Com­mit­tee and the who­le Par­ty, as well as the au­tho­ri­ty and cen­tra­li­zed, uni­fied lea­der­ship of the CPC Cen­tral Com­mit­tee, the com­mu­ni­que said.

CCDI will work to ma­ke “gre­a­ter stra­te­gic achie­ve­ments” in full and strict gover­nan­ce over the Par­ty and con­so­li­da­te the “swee­ping vic­to­ry” of the cam­paign against cor­rup­ti­on, ac­cor­ding to the com­mu­ni­que.

The com­mu­ni­que li­sted eight pri­o­ri­ties for 2019.

-- CCDI will con­ti­nue to stu­dy and im­ple­ment Xi Jin­ping Thought on So­ci­a­lism with Chi­ne­se Charac­te­ris­tics for a New Era, and up­gra­de the edu­ca­ti­on cam­paign with the the­me “staying true to our foun­ding mis­si­on.”

It will ta­ke up re­so­lu­te ac­ti­ons against the prac­ti­ce of for­ma­li­ties for for­ma­li­ties’ sa­ke and bu­reau­cra­tism. -- The in­sti­tu­ti­on of dis­ci­pli­na­ry in­spec­ti­on and su­per­vi­si­on will be in­no­va­ted to en­han­ce the ef­fec­ti­ve­ness of gover­nan­ce.

It aims to ma­ke break­throughs in re­gu­lar and long-term su­per­vi­si­on. -- In­spec­ti­on on the im­ple­men­ta­ti­on of po­li­ti­cal ru­les will be in­ten­si­fied, and the stra­te­gic struc­tu­re of dis­ci­pli­na­ry in­spec­ti­ons im­pro­ved. CCDI will di­rect its an­ti­graft ac­ti­ons to key pro­jects, fields and posts, par­ti­cu­lar­ly de­part­ments and sec­tors whe­re po­wer is cen­tra­li­zed and mo­ney and re­sour­ces are in­ten­si­ve.

The ef­forts to ad­dress cor­rup­ti­on and mal­prac­ti­ces that oc­cur on pe­o­p­le’s door­steps will be con­ti­nued so the pe­o­p­le will ha­ve a stron­ger sen­se of ful­fill­ment, hap­pi­ness and se­cu­ri­ty.

-- CCDI will de­vel­op an “iron ar­my” of dis­ci­pli­na­ry in­spec­ti­on and su­per­vi­si­on of­fi­ci­als who are loy­al, clean and ha­ve a strong sen­se of res­pon­si­bi­li­ty.


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