Tommy Kirk loses pa­tience with po­lice

Sunday Observer - - NEWS - BY ZWELETHU DLAMINI

Mat­sapha busi­ness­man Tommy Kirk seems to be los­ing pa­tience and now wants the po­lice to tell him if they want the po­lice post he built for them or not so he can de­cide what to do next and in­sists that the cur­rent place they oc­cupy does not be­long to Mat­sapha Town Board.

On the other hand, po­lice main­tain that they are will­ing to en­gage the busi­ness­man on the mat­ter but not through the me­dia. This is de­spite that two months ago the busi­ness­man voiced out his un­hap­pi­ness con­cern­ing the mat­ter and the po­lice gave the same re­sponse. At the time, the busi­ness­man re­ported that he was puz­zled by the po­lice’s re­fusal to oc­cupy a po­lice post he con­structed for them at his own cost at the Mah­hala Shop­ping Com­plex yet they in­sist on block­ing the only main ac­cess to the com­plex by set­ting up shop there. The po­lice, on the other hand, said Kirk must stop ad­dress­ing the is­sue through the me­dia and come to dis­cuss is­sues with the po­lice com­mis­sioner per­son­ally. Re­spond­ing to the po­lice, Kirk said he met the com­mis­sioner in 2016 and won­ders why he should be the one go­ing to the po­lice when he is be­ing gen­er­ous enough to build them a post on his own premises. This mat­ter was re­ported by our sis­ter pub­li­ca­tion; the Ob­server on Satur­day dated 21 Oc­to­ber 2017. Chief Po­lice In­for­ma­tion and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Of­fi­cer Su­per­in­ten­dent Khu­lani Mamba in an in­ter­view on Fri­day said the po­lice had al­ready ad­dressed the mat­ter by sug­gest­ing that if Kirk had an is­sue he should come to them and not speak through the me­dia.


“We are aware of his con­cerns and we are will­ing to sit down with him on the table ,” he said. Ques­tioned on whether the po­lice want the place of­fered by the busi­ness­man, he in­sisted that they were not dis­cussing the mat­ter through the me­dia but would dis­cuss with Kirk per­son­ally.

Kirk, on the other hand, said he gave the po­lice a place and the post but they have shun it since then and doubt that the po­lice need the place he had al­lo­cated them. “I gave them the place. I’m not sure if they still need it or not be­cause they are still not oc­cu­py­ing it. They should tell me if they do not need it,” he said.

Tommy Kirk.

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