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reser­va­tions about tak­ing culi­nary to the next step. Any­one who knows me knows that I'd lay my life down for my big brother.

2. Pri­mary school life and the high­lights of it?

Pri­mary school was a lot. At the time, I hated it but now I ac­tu­ally think it was a great cou­ple of years. I at­tended pri­mary at John and Valera Allen (Baha'i schools). Ire­mem­ber be­ing the child who cried ev­ery term end be­cause that's how mu c h I loved learn­ing. I al­ways used to look for­ward to Mr Sime­lane's m a t h c la s se s be­cause they came with mo­ti­va­tional stories.

3. High schoo l life a nd the high­lights of it?

H i g h s choo l was the best, hands d o w n . Si­fundzani Hi g h School gave me so much of the things that I ap­ply to my life even to­day. In high school, I was well-known for the un­con­ven­tional food I used to bring. I would as­sem­ble my salad just be­fore eat­ing, and wake up early just to make food for some of my friends. I even got the award for most moth­erly, in my grade.

4. When did you fall cook­ing and how? 6. Give us three of dishes and why ? in

Like I men­tioned ear­lier on, my mother is also a great cook. I fell in love with cooki ng prob­a­bly at a very young age, but I re­mem­ber ask­ing my mom for a recipe book at the age of 10. My brother and I used to pre­pare our own meals when­ever she had to work late, and that's when I of­fi­cially joined her cater­ing busi­ness. Over the years, this love has grown from work­ing side by side with her as a caterer and be­ing able to see peo­ple en­joy the prod­uct of our hands.

5. What are you cur­rently study­ing in ter­tiary and is it your pas­sion?

I am cur­rently in my first year study­ing In­for­ma­tion Sys­tems and Com­puter Sci­ence. My de­gree choice came about from my love for en­trepreneur­ship and ba­si­cally see­ing busi­nesses suc­ceed, hence I chose a ca­reer that would help me help other peo­ple with their busi­ness, as well as give me the skills I need for my end goal.

your love with favourite

My first favourite dish is Pasta Al­fredo. I love Ital­ian food. I would even like to travel to Italy in the fu­ture just for the cui­sine. My sec­ond favourite is my mother's fish curry. It's spicy, creamy and rich with so much flavour. I al­ways rec­om­mend it to her clients. Lastly, I love um­n­cushu (My friend's mother makes the best, I've tasted it be­fore and I have never stopped ask­ing him to get it for me). I love it when peo­ple have a mod­ern take on tra­di­tional foods. Ex­plor­ing with food is one of my favourite things to do.


Most of my IN­SPI­RA­TION comes from my teach­ers. In Pri­mary school, my math teacher al­ways used to rep­ri­mand me when­ever I un­der­per­formed and re­minded me that I was bet­ter than most of the things I got up to. In high school, all my teach­ers be­lieved in me in ways I am grate­ful for to­day. Si­fundzani High School doesn't just give you teach­ers; in­stead you get par­ents away from your own par­ents. Ev­ery time I feel like giv­ing up on some­thing or am re­luc­tant to pur­sue it, I al­ways think about the star that my teach­ers have seen me as and make sure to keep work­ing on my dreams and my craft.


I want to own a bistro in Eswa­tini. I also want to help put to­gether the first Orches­tra in Eswa­tini. Mu­sic is another pas­sion of mine and I'd love to see it grow in our coun­try.

9. Your ad­vice to young peo­ple who would also like to be cooks.

Don't be afraid to try it out. I wasn't al­ways a good cook. Cook­ing is an art; you get bet­ter at it with prac­tice. Ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent foods and don't be afraid to let your cre­ativ­ity show through your meals. Also, pa­tience is key ( es­pe­cially when learn­ing how to make food you've never tried be­fore).

Your ad­vice to young peo­ple

On pas­sion pay­ing the bills - Pas­sion does pay the bill. If you fol­low your heart, and do what you want, and if you're per­sis­tent with that then noth­ing will stop you from achiev­ing it. Don't give up on your dreams just be­cause we've been led to be­lieve that ‘se­cur­ing the bag’ is about money. Se­cure your dream, and money will just be the ben­e­fit of do­ing what you love.

On Drugs -

Don't do it, you'll die. There's no su­gar coat­ing it. Stay away from drugs and if you have a drug prob­lem, get help.

On girl­friends and boyfriends -

Don't do it ei­ther. I'm kid­ding. I am also a young per­son who still needs ad­vice on this. But, what I have learnt is that you should never rush be­ing in a re­la­tion­ship if your in­ten­tions are tem­po­rary. Re­la­tion­ships are meant to help build you and guide you into mar­riage ( if that's what you want). Don't be swept away by good looks and for­get about a good heart. And also, real love still ex­ists­but if you're still in high school, please just focus on your own growth and ed­u­ca­tion rather than try­ing to jug­gle re­la­tion­ships, it’s not worth it.

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