How do You See Your­self?

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is your self im­age? Do you see your­self as you truly are?

Are you aware of all your hid­den po­ten­tial? Or is the vi­sion you have of your­self un­clear and hazy? What do you see in your mind’s eye when you look into your in­ner mir­ror? Are you happy with what you see with who you are? Or are you hy­per­crit­i­cal and dis­ap­pointed in your­self? Do you re­alise you have a mag­ni­tude of un­tapped po­ten­tial within that when ac­cessed and set to work will see you into a happy suc­cess­ful life? The big ques­tion here is; are you pre­pared to do the work that will ul­ti­mately help you meet your high­est po­ten­tial? Are you pre­pared to change from within?

The eyes are the win­dows to the soul they also colour our ev­ery­day ex­is­tence in one way or an­other. The eyes I speak of are the in­ner eyes or the eye that sees deep within who we are and what we mean to our­selves. The deep­est most in­ti­mate part of us knows ab­so­lutely and com­pletely what we truly want from life. To delve deep within isn’t al­ways easy, but there are rich re­wards in truly know­ing your­self. Know­ing one­self gives the pos­si­bil­ity to fo­cus and to ul­ti­mately find the right path and walk it.

The in­ner jour­ney leads to self knowl­edge and en­light­en­ment. Choos­ing to know who you are on a deeper level can spare one years of un­re­lent­ing con­fu­sion. The labyrinth of con­fu­sion is a long twisted road that can keep a per­son trapped for years.

The chronic state of be­fud­dle­ment called con­fu­sion can keep some­one con­stantly ask­ing the same ques­tion over and over again; why am I here on what do I want?

Con­fu­sion be­ing the ul­ti­mate time waster is or­ches­trated by a part of the psy­che or the sub­con­scious that is neg­a­tively pro­grammed. If you and your sub­con­scious are not on the same page or in ac­cord with your goal or de­sire noth­ing flows.

In­di­vid­u­als so of­ten be­come stuck and frus­trated not un­der­stand­ing why things never seem to work out for them. It is be­cause they are not at one with them­selves, and there­fore not res­onat­ing with the thing they con­sciously want.

Above the Tem­ple of Del­phi was writ­ten Know Thy­self. When we take time and use our en­ergy to make friends with who we re­ally are some­thing mirac­u­lous hap­pens the con­straints of our past life fall away and we have the op­por­tu­nity to be­come com­pletely inte- this earth and grated within, there­fore al­ter­ing our per­cep­tion of life and who we are into some­thing won­der­fully pos­i­tive.

This gives us the op­por­tu­nity to be­come con­scious creators of our own lives in a big way and rather than al­low­ing our un­con­scious to cre­ate life for us by de­fault we be­come aware and mind­ful of how we are de­lib­er­ately sculpt­ing our own lives. We are no longer a mi­nor player in the game of life we be­come ma­jor play­ers and have the pos­si­bil­ity to ex­cel above our high­est ex­pec­ta­tion and re­alise our earthly dreams.

As you be­lieve so is it as you per­ceive so is it. Is the cup half empty or half full?

Those who live in a pos­i­tive mind set or ori­en­ta­tion tend to have pos­i­tive suc­cess­ful lives and roll with life rather than fight it. When chal­lenges are pre­sented to these peo- ple they are in­clined to move away from re­sis­tance and adopt a philo­soph­i­cal point of view; they get on with life in the most con­struc­tive and pro­duc­tive way they can. These peo­ple have a ro­bust sense of self a pos­i­tive self im­age.

I have seen this in all walks of life in all cir­cum­stances. Be it ter­mi­nally ill with can­cer, los­ing a child, a limb or los­ing a life sav­ings through bad in­vest­ment.

These in­di­vid­u­als are the true He­roes of our society. They find the good in life and live ev­ery­day to the fullest. Their lives are an ex­am­ple to all of us on how to see the Beauty of Life no mat­ter what may come to pass.

I have seen peo­ple with beauty, money and a life style far above that of the com­mon man ab­so­lutely steeped in their own mis­ery. Why? Be­cause these peo­ple per­ceive their lives as empty and see them­selves liv­ing in lack no mat­ter what they have; they have no ca­pac­ity to be grate­ful or see all the abun­dance bless­ings God has given them; why be­cause their be­lief sys-

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