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It might ha­ve been a co­in­ci­dence or not, but du­ring Fashion We­ek Stock­holm the au­to­mo­bi­le com­pa­ny Vol­vo had one of their gre­a­test laun­ches ever. The brand, foun­ded in Swe­den 1927, pre­sen­ted the Vol­vo XC90 to the world.

The loca­tion was set at Artipelag, a won­der­ful pri­va­te art ini­ti­a­ti­ve that opened its do­ors in 2012. Over­loo­king the Stock­holm ar­chi­pe­la­go and in the midd­le of a pi­ne tree fo­rest, I had a chat with Ma­ria Ugg­la, he­ad of In­te­ri­or de­sign at Vol­vo, on the im­por­tan­ce of he­ri­tage in de­sign.

With ma­ny Eu­ro­pe­an Car com­pa­ni­es now ow­ned by Asi­an mo­tor com­pa­ni­es, li­ke Jaguar and Ta­ta for in­stan­ce (and now Vol­vo with Chi­ne­se Ge­ely Mo­tors), do you think that it is mo­re im­por­tant than ever to dis­play the al­most cen­tu­ry-old Swe­dish he­ri­tage in the de­sign and in­te­ri­or de­sign of a Vol­vo? “The Scan­di­na­vi­an form lan­gue is a strong iden­ti­ty that has been im­por­tant for us at Vol­vo De­sign­ve­ven be­fo­re Ge­elys. But we com­mu­ni­ca­te it in a strong­er way to­day.”

Could you gi­ve me a few ex­amples of In­spi­ra­tion that you ha­ve drawn from Swe­den in this new ve­hic­le?

“The in­te­ri­or is in­spi­red by con­tem­po­ra­ry Scan­di­na­vi­an li­fe­sty­le. We want to ma­ke our custo­mer to fe­el calm and well ta­ken ca­re of in our new ve­hic­le. You should fe­el spe­ci­al.”

In the all new Twin Engi­ne XC90, the ge­ar shift is crow­ned by a lar­ge crys­tal from Or­re­fors, one of Swe­den's ol­dest glass works, foun­ded in 1898,how­did tha­ti­dea come about?

“We al­ways try to find tho­se things in the de­sign that strengthen our Swe­dish brand iden­ti­ty. One of our de­sig­ner An­ders Bergstrom de­sig­ned it for one of our con­cept cars, the Con­cept Esta­te, and it was such a gre­at suc­cess we de­ci­ded to put it in our pro­duc­tion car.”

An in­te­re­s­ting aspect in the new ve­hic­le is that the au­dio is sa­id to be mi­mic­king the ex­act ac­oustics of the Gothen­burg Symp­ho­ny Or­chest­ra, how do you as an in­te­ri­or de­sig­ner work to­get­her with in­no­va­ti­ve tech on a pro­ject li­ke this, what do­es that pro­cess look li­ke?

“The in­te­ri­or de­sign do­esn't need to wor­ry about this as we use the la­test and gre­a­test sound pro­ces­sing soft­wa­re from Di­rac Li­ve which ad­justs the sound pro­fi­le of the in­te­ri­or electro­ni­cal­ly. So we just con­centra­te on ma­king the most beau­ti­ful in­te­ri­or.”

You men­tio­ned that one of the co­lor sche­mes in the ve­hic­le was a ty­pi­cal Swe­dish LIGHT. Not a bei­ge and not a grey. Are the­re any mo­re ty­pi­cal Swe­dish fe­a­tu­res in the XC90? “The who­le car I would say is filled with ty­pi­cal Swe­dish fe­a­tu­res, li­ke the matt wood which shows the na­tu­ral wood structu­re and the Fla­me Birch wood that has grown up in the nort­hern Swe­den whe­re the cli­ma­te ma­kes the birch grow qui­te slowly and with a cha­rac­te­ristic pat­tern on the ve­ne­er.

We in Swe­den ha­ve a spe­ci­al way of tre­a­ting our ma­te­ri­als, we want to ha­ve them qui­te clean, pu­re and ho­nest with as litt­le fi­nish as pos­sib­le.”

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