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MM: How has your li­fe chang­ed sin­ce you started your ca­re­er as a mu­si­ci­an?

B: I don’t have ti­me to just go off and have a cup of cof­fee with my fri­ends or help my mom as much as I used to. Ot­her­wi­se it’s pret­ty much the sa­me :) Mu­sic is my li­fe and has al­ways been around me. I’ve re­al­ly been en­joying focu­sing mo­re on my so­lo ca­re­er, de­ve­lo­ping and see­ing pro­jects and ide­as come to li­fe. It fe­els aweso­me to look back and be li­ke, ”I did that, it ac­tu­al­ly hap­pened”. I’ve got my own com­pa­ny now and I work with so ma­ny ta­len­ted pe­op­le, I’m pus­hing my­self for­ward.

MM: You li­ved in LA be­fo­re. Why did you mo­ve back to Stock­holm?

B: I still spend so­me of my ti­me in LA, but Swe­den will al­ways be my ho­me as long as my mom is he­re. I want to be avai­lab­le with my mu­sic eve­ry­whe­re, and Swe­den fe­els as im­por­tant as any ot­her country.

MM: What do you want to con­vey with your vi­su­al aest­he­tic?

B: A sen­se of self-este­em and the art of be­ing “you”. I’d li­ke to in­spi­re the ones who don’t da­re to ta­ke pla­ce to do so. I’m awa­re that I don’t look li­ke most pop ar­tists in to­day’s me­dia and I would li­ke to change that. My go­al is not that eve­ry­o­ne on stage should look li­ke me, but I’d li­ke to in­spi­re ot­hers to da­re to ma­ke their own cho­i­ces and ex­pres­sions wit­hin style, beau­ty and in li­fe.

MM: What club plays the best mu­sic?

B: I have a hard ti­me with clubs, but DJ Bel­la­boo al­ways plays good mu­sic, no mat­ter what pla­ce. If she’s the­re, I’ll be dan­ci­ng.

MM: How are you spen­ding your sum­mer?

B: I will eat a lot of straw­ber­ri­es and do a few con­certs.

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