An in­ter­vi­ew with Tsu­mo­ri Chi­sa­to

Odalisque - - An Interview With Tsumori Chisato Written By Megha - Writ­ten by Meg­han Scott

Be­fo­re be­coming a de­sig­ner Tsu­mo­ri Chi­sa­to wan­ted to be a Manga il­lu­stra­tor. That ear­ly ca­re­er in­te­rest can be seen in her col­lec­tions, which have a sort of Manga-folk in­spi­ra­tion. Af­ter spen­ding 13 ye­ars at Is­sey Miy­a­ke SPORT, six ye­ars on the design team, and se­ven run­ning the show as he­ad de­sig­ner of the la­bel, Chi­sa­to was ad­vi­sed by Mr. Miy­a­ke him­self to start her own li­ne in 1990. And she did. Chi­sa­to is ba­sed in To­kyo, whe­re she lives and works most­ly, but she al­so spends ti­me in Pa­ris. She’s a self-proclai­med wor­ka­ho­lic and she says she’s “fi­ne with it” becau­se she is do­ing what she lo­ves.

MS: Whe­re did you get the feeling for your SS15 col­lec­tion?

TC: This col­lec­tion can be ima­gi­ned by the ex­pres­sion ”Gar­den in my He­art”. I wan­ted to show how I fe­el about na­tu­re, flo­wers, le­a­ves and animals.

MS: Do you cre­a­te your own prints?

TC: Yes I do. I draw a lot, all of the ti­me ac­tu­al­ly. So­me­ti­mes I re­de­sign prints I find and ma­ke them my own; they’re ve­ry spe­ci­al and ve­ry "me"!

MS: How did you come up with the dolp­hin print?

TC: It comes from a trip I took to Gree­ce af­ter one of my shows in Pa­ris. The oce­an is eve­ry­whe­re the­re, and I felt so inspired.

MS: Do you fe­el that the­re is an in­flu­ence from your ti­me at Is­sey Miy­a­ke that comes out in your col­lec­tions?

TC: He taught me the im­por­tan­ce of cre­a­ting so­met­hing ori­gi­nal and dy­na­mic, and al­so the im­por­tan­ce of wor­king as a team.

MS: How do you see your work to­day?

TC: I be­li­e­ve that now my de­signs are qui­te cre­a­ti­ve, ori­gi­nal and dif­fe­rent!

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