Ar­twork by Sam­my Slab­binck Writ­ten by Mi­chae­la Myhrberg

Odalisque - - Artwork By Sammy Slabbinck Written By Michaela Myh -

16-12-14 08:53 MM: So first, how old are you and whe­re did you grow up?

16-12-14 19:10 SS: I am 37 ye­ars old and I grew up in Bru­ges, Bel­gi­um.

16-12-14 19:15 MM: What are you do­ing to­day?

16-12-14 19:20 SS: I spent all day ma­king a co­ver for an al­bum I am wor­king on for a Bri­tish band. Oh, and I made a Vi­ne as well- just to keep me en­ter­tai­ned :)

17-12-14 10:13 MM: Cool, what kind of mu­sic do­es the band play? Are you still living in Bru­ges? I don’t have Vi­ne but are you on Instagram too?

18-12-14 11:05 SS: It’s a folky rock band, Zer­vas & Pep­per. I mo­ved about a bit but now I li­ve in Bru­ges again. I do post qui­te a lot on Instagram: @sam­myslab­binck. And I re­com­mend down­lo­a­ding Vi­ne asap :)

05-01-15 10:45 (Four weeks la­ter) MM: Hap­py ho­li­days Sam­my! Did you ce­leb­ra­te Christ­mas? Sor­ry for the la­te re­spon­se, I chec­ked out your Vi­ne, it’s cool, and ve­ry smart, how do you come up with it all?

07-01-15 11:26 SS: Had a few un­he­alt­hy weeks. Glad it is over :) The Vi­ne thing ca­me from ha­ving found ima­ges that I couldn’t use in col­la­ges but that could be ani­ma­ted. So I started ma­king up the­se small sto­ri­es and had so­me fun. Ha­ven’t stop­ped sin­ce – I made 350+ Vi­nes to da­te, ex­pe­ri­men­ting with a lot of ide­as.

07-01-15 11:30 MM: Wow, that’s a lot of Vi­nes! What about Instagram, do you publish the sa­me stuff the­re?

08-01-15 00:25 SS: On Instagram I put a bit of eve­ryt­hing, vi­nes & col­la­ges. So­me­ti­mes I try out col­la­ges, bits that I am wor­king on.

08-01-15 00:35 MM: So what’s hap­pe­ning now af­ter the un­he­alt­hy weeks? Do you have a stu­dio whe­re you ma­ke the col­la­ges?

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