—We are the punks in a ve­ry bo­ring tra­di­tio­nal in­du­stry

Odalisque - - Artwork By Sammy Slabbinck Written By Michaela Myh -

Kon­rad Berg­ström is the pre­si­dent and co-foun­der of Zound In­du­stri­es, the man be­hind so­me ga­me-chan­ging pro­ducts. Re­cent­ly re­ve­aling on Bloom­berg Te­le­vi­sion “The Pul­se” that Zound In­du­stri­es has an ex­clu­si­ve, high-end smart pho­ne on the ho­ri­zon that pro­bably will ma­ke you gi­ve up your much-lo­ved ip­ho­ne, Berg­ström lives by one gol­den ru­le: get shit do­ne. We got to know him a bit mo­re as he’s lay­ing the path for the fu­tu­re of cool electro­nic de­vices. sc: Whe­re are you right now? kb: New York, Ma­di­son Squa­re Gar­den. LET’S GO RANGERS! sc: What was your most me­mo­rab­le mo­ment pro­fes­sio­nal­ly and per­so­nal­ly? kb: Pro­fes­sio­nal­ly, when I spotted my pro­ducts in per­son, in all con­ti­nents. That is suc­cess! We sold over 10 mil­li­on pro­ducts glo­bal­ly in less than fi­ve ye­ars. Per­so­nal­ly, my daugh­ter’s first smi­le! sc: What is your cur­rent sta­te of mind? kb: High. sc: What de­fi­nes Zound In­du­stri­es? kb: We are the punks in a ve­ry bo­ring, tra­di­tio­nal in­du­stry. We have fun. sc: What’s your am­bi­tion? kb: Ma­ke good things. Be proud, DELIVER. sc: How do you cu­re jet­lag? kb: I have my tricks but it is not of­fi­ci­al. And I am not tal­king about be­etroots. sc: Fa­vou­ri­te ge­ta­way? kb: My mind. It’s sick. sc: Which songs do you lo­ve right now? kb: Mons­ter Mag­net - Mas­ter of Light. Emi­nem - The Way I Am. Motör­he­ad - Ace Of Spa­des. Neil Young and Crazy Hor­se - My My, Hey Hey. Cor­ne­li­us Vreswijk -Tra­si­ga Skor. Be­et­ho­ven - Fig­lo Perdu­to. sc: Best way to re­lax on a rainy Sun­day? kb: Hmm... sc: The gre­a­test al­bum ever? kb: Well, the­re is not one... I could wri­te a book. My best fri­end is mu­sic. It’s my shrink when I am down, it’s my par­ty when I fe­el good. But most im­por­tant­ly it’s al­ways the­re. I can al­ways get “that” from my fri­end, mu­sic. sc: Whe­re in the world are you the hap­pi­est? kb: At ho­me with my girls. sc: You’re planning a din­ner for a couple of clo­se fri­ends what’s on the me­nu? kb: Well, I am a cre­a­tor. I can ma­ke the most out of not­hing. But I al­ways get what’s good for the se­a­son. And don’t for­get the wi­ne. I am re­al­ly in­to Bour­daux and good rum. sc: What song al­ways che­ers you up? kb: WASP - "I Wan­na be So­me­bo­dy". Ha­ha. sc: What song al­ways brings you down? kb: I won’t tell you. sc: What’s the best ad­vice you can gi­ve? kb: Be­li­e­ve and you will ac­hi­e­ve sc: How do you spice up a dull day? kb: Tell so­me­bo­dy to fuck off and then see my dog, Vil­da. She is al­ways hap­py and full of lo­ve. sc: Tell me about your rou­ti­nes. Have any? kb: Ha­ha, I think so, but if you ask my wi­fe she will say the­re are none. I li­ve by one ru­le - get shit do­ne! sc: If you could have din­ner with so­me­o­ne, de­ad or ali­ve, who would it be? kb: Ji­mi Hend­rix, not su­re we would eat though. sc: What do you con­si­der your gre­a­test ac­hi­e­ve­ment? kb: My fa­mily. sc: What’s next? kb: See me ri­de out of the sun­set On your co­lor TV screen. Out for all that I can get, if you know what I me­an. So lock up your daugh­ter. Lock up your wi­fe. Lock up your back do­or. And run for your li­fe. The man is back in town.

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