—Don’t say you can’t un­til you’ve tri­ed

Odalisque - - Artwork By Sammy Slabbinck Written By Michaela Myh -

We are all fa­mi­li­ar with the brand Day Bir­ger et Mik­kel­sen. The ve­ry clas­sic Da­nish brand with sparkly dres­ses and sil­ky luxe tops. If that’s not your eve­ryday cup of tea, we’ll in­tro­du­ce you to the coo­ler, young­er sis­ter 2nd Day. She is young­er, ed­gi­er, highly fa­shio­nab­le and has a lot of at­ti­tu­de. Åsa Gö­rans­son re­cent­ly took the brand 2nd Day un­der her wing, to­get­her with co-de­sig­ner Fred­rik Blank, both of whom had pre­viously their own brand, BLANK. A lot of things are go­ing on at 2nd Day as the brand is on the ri­se. We ex­chang­ed a few words with Åsa to get to know her a bit mo­re. sc: What’s your ro­le at 2nd Day and what do­es it me­an? åg: I’m Cre­a­ti­ve Director, which me­ans that I’m re­spon­sib­le for and am le­a­ding the col­lec­tion work from a cre­a­ti­ve per­specti­ve. I le­ad all cre­a­ti­ve out­lets such as the design team, shoots, cam­paigns and in­te­ri­or con­cepts. How do you pre­pa­re for a new week af­ter a gre­at week­end? Mon­day is al­ways li­ke a big shock for me, I’m not pre­pa­red at all. sc: What is your sig­na­tu­re ta­ke on 2nd Day? åg: Tai­lo­ring and ou­ter­wear, I’m ob­ses­sed with well-fitted and well-cut gar­ments. Fit­ting and pat­tern-ma­king is my pas­sion, and clot­hes should not on­ly look good – they should em­bra­ce you with a lo­ving hug, and last over ti­me. sc: What is your cur­rent sta­te of mind? åg: I have been pas­sio­na­tely up­set to­day – a lot to do, ma­ny ob­stacles. Now I’m calm and re­lax­ed. It was pro­bably that Mon­day shock I men­tio­ned ear­li­er. sc: Fi­nish my sen­tence! Days off are best spent with my... åg: … Pack. sc: When I’m tra­ve­ling I al­ways ma­ke su­re to pack … åg: ... as litt­le as pos­sib­le! sc: I get Mon­day mor­ning in­spi­ra­tion from my… åg: … big black cof­fee “Swe­dish Mel­lan­rost” and tal­king non­sen­se with my col­le­a­gues at the of­fice. sc: I keep it chic with my… åg: … mu­ses li­ke Frida Kahlo, Da­vid Bowie or Pe­ne­lo­pe Tree. They didn’t sub­mit to any stan­dard of beau­ty – they de­fi­ned it. sc: Gre­at es­ca­pes are al­ways made with my… åg: …boy­fri­end Shay. We’ll pack ro­pes and a tent and go rock clim­bing. Or go­ing for a long ro­ad trip so­mewhe­re el­se on the pla­net. sc: Why fashion? åg: I ac­tu­al­ly don’t know. I’m mul­ticre­a­ti­ve; so­me­ti­mes it fe­els li­ke fashion cho­se me and not the op­po­si­te. But I li­ke the sec­ret lan­gu­age of style and be­lon­ging. It in­te­rests me. sc: What’s the best ad­vice you’ve ever been gi­ven? åg: “Don’t say you can’t un­til you’ve tri­ed.” sc: What was the big­gest risk you’ve ever ta­ken? åg: In work and in my own bu­si­ness and as an ent­re­pre­neur, I’m used to taking a lot of risks. Pri­va­tely, I’m ve­ry much a per­son who has a hard ti­me lea­ving my com­fort zo­ne. I’m ex­er­ci­sing eve­ryday or taking mo­re risks. sc: What is your style-mot­to? åg: “Keep it simp­le.” sc: What living per­son do you most ad­mi­re? åg: La­tely I been ve­ry fa­sci­na­ted by the men­tal strength of the world’s top sports clim­bers, such as Chris Shar­ma and Alex Hon­nold and Lynn Hill. Free-clim­bing gre­at walls all around the world such as Il Ca­pi­tan in Yo­se­mite, the­se pe­op­le are living their lives simply and li­ve to fe­el 100% pre­sent in what they are do­ing, in the now and in their bre­ath. It’s mind-blowing that one mo­ment of doubt or a small mista­ke might be the end. sc: What is your gre­a­test ex­tra­va­gan­ce? åg: When it comes to scents, I’m go­ing over­board – I lo­ve re­fi­ned scents. sc: What do you con­si­der your gre­a­test ac­hi­e­ve­ment? åg: It has not hap­pened yet. I’m ex­er­ci­sing. sc: What’s next? åg: Ta­ke 2nd Day to the mountain top.

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