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In­ter­vi­ew with Mag­nus Ro­sengren By So­fia Chowd­hu­ry

Odalisque - - Artwork By Sammy Slabbinck Written By Michaela Myh -

Ever thought about what man’s best fri­end re­al­ly gets on his pla­te? Mag­nus Ro­sengren, foun­der of Won­der­boo, di­sco­ve­red the na­sty things that the mul­ti-bil­li­on dol­lar dog food in­du­stry are put­ting in their food. It’s dis­gus­ting and can cau­se se­ri­ous he­alth is­sues. That’s why Ro­sengren foun­ded Won­der­boo, to put an end to the­se practi­ces and to help dog ow­ners gi­ve their dogs the best con­di­tions for a long and he­alt­hy li­fe. sc: Tell us about Won­der­boo. mr: Won­der­boo is a li­fe­sty­le brand that puts focus on ca­ni­ne he­alth, of­fe­ring the hig­hest quality dog food ai­med at the most di­scer­ning dog ow­ners in smart and sty­lish pac­ka­ging. sc: Who are you? What’s your ro­le and what do­es it me­an? mr: I am the foun­der and CEO of Won­der­boo, a pri­va­tely held com­pa­ny focu­sed on ca­pi­ta­li­sing on a de­mand in the dog food mar­ket that is cur­rent­ly not be­ing ad­d­res­sed. My ro­le as CEO is to build and establish Won­der­boo in new mar­kets, de­ve­lop new pro­ducts and build the brand. sc: What made you start a bu­si­ness around dog food? mr: I have and am still in­vol­ved in brand, design and com­mu­ni­ca­tion con­sul­tan­ci­es. Pri­or to star­ting Won­der­boo we in­ve­sted a sub­stan­ti­al amount of ti­me in ana­ly­sing the de­ve­lop­ment of the dog food mar­ket the past 30 ye­ars and found that it has not at all ad­ap­ted to the needs and requi­re­ments of dog ow­ners du­ring this pe­ri­od. The new ge­ne­ra­tion de­mands quality, con­ve­ni­ence and a brand/li­fe­sty­le that they can in­te­ract with – eve­ry ot­her brand wit­hin ot­her in­du­stri­es de­li­vers on the­se va­ri­a­bles to their custo­mers. The mar­ket is enor­mous, has high mar­gins and is not re­ces­sion-sen­si­ti­ve. sc: What’s your mis­sion? mr: I want to pro­vi­de the sil­ver li­ning in the daily lives of small dogs and their ow­ners, by of­fe­ring uni­que dog food and re­la­ted pro­ducts that spe­ak to the ow­ners’ own con­sump­tion lo­gic, in terms of quality, design, fun­c­tion, dis­tri­bu­tion and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. In ot­her words, I want to help dog ow­ners gi­ve their dogs the best con­di­tions for a long and he­alt­hy li­fe whi­le ma­king it con­ve­ni­ent for them to do so. sc: Is Won­der­boo for eve­ry­o­ne or is it ai­med to­ward a spe­ci­fic li­fe­sty­le and au­di­ence? mr: Our au­di­ence is a new ge­ne­ra­tion of ur­ban dog ow­ners who have be­come ac­custo­med to a com­ple­tely dif­fe­rent le­vel of com­fort, ser­vice and quality in eve­ryday li­fe. The dogs are their best fri­ends and ac­com­pa­ny their ow­ners eve­ry­whe­re. They li­ve a so­ci­al­ly ac­ti­ve li­fe on-the-go, whe­re tra­vel, food, fashion, design and he­alth are key in­gre­di­ents. sc: What’s the nasti­est thing you’ve di­sco­ve­red in dog food? mr: Slaughter­house was­te, hoo­ves and saw­dust. The­se are com­mon in­gre­di­ents in dry foods, cau­sing se­ri­ous he­alth is­sues and shor­ter li­fe ex­pectan­cy. But they are not on­ly the in­gre­di­ents that are na­sty – it is al­so com­mon that the food is ba­ked at 250 de­gre­es which wi­pes out a lot of the nut­ri­tion and he­alt­hy bac­te­ria. Our custo­mers are as awa­re of their own he­alth as they are of their dar­ling dogs. sc: What is your gre­a­test ex­tra­va­gan­ce? mr: To spon­ta­ne­ously tra­vel to countri­es with sun, good food and wi­ne. sc: What was your most me­mo­rab­le mo­ment in your pro­fes­sio­nal li­fe? mr: I started

a te­le­com ope­ra­tor when I was 23, just as Swe­den had de­re­gu­la­ted its PTT agen­cy, Te­lia, and opened up for com­pe­ti­tion. Two ye­ars la­ter, I had a hund­red plus employe­es, and we were bought up by Bri­tish Te­le­com, Te­le­nor & Te­le­den­mark. I was not com­ple­tely su­re what I was do­ing and was wor­ri­ed about ex­act­ly when my ve­ry short work ex­pe­ri­ence in this 100-ye­a­rold in­du­stry would be re­ve­a­led. I was now 25 and was cal­led over to a con­fe­rence with their th­ree jo­int boards and was asked to educa­te and ad­vi­se them on my vi­ews on how a Tel­co should be run. It was with mix­ed emo­tions, from feeling li­ke Ste­ve Jobs to be­ing a fraud. To­day, en­te­ring anot­her brand new mar­ket for me, on­ce again with do­mi­nant and con­ser­va­ti­ve play­ers, it of cour­se fe­els a bit sca­ry, but I am now mo­re as­su­red that I know what I’m tal­king about. sc: What’s your pas­sion? mr: Fa­mily, food and coo­king! sc: Why do you think this ini­ti­a­ti­ve hasn’t been ta­ken be­fo­re? mr: The dry food mar­ket is worth ap­prox­i­ma­gely 40 bil­li­on USD an­nu­al­ly with an EBIT of 60%. No cur­rent may­or play­er wants to rock the bo­at. Less than 2% of all dog food is sold on­li­ne. 6 play­ers con­trol 80-90% of the mar­ket with si­mi­lar pro­ducts. Their net pre­sence is main­ly a ho­me­page that is tre­a­ted li­ke a 4-co­lour brochu­re from the 90s, and pos­sib­ly so­me ban­ners, whi­le our custo­mers con­su­me in­for­ma­tion, re­com­men­da­tions and tran­sac­tions with li­fe­sty­le pro­ducts 24/7. It is strange that it hasn’t been ad­d­res­sed. sc: Tell me about a strong me­mo­ry of yours, con­nec­ted to dogs. mr: I have had dogs all my li­fe. The strong­est me­mo­ry is on­ly a few months old when my fa­mily and I vi­si­ted Co­pen­ha­gen for a week­end bre­ak. Our French bull­dog pup­py, Lil­le­bror, ma­na­ged to eat so­me kind of drug on the stre­ets of Co­pen­ha­gen. He was un­cons­cious wit­hin mi­nu­tes and when we fi­nal­ly reached the pet hospi­tal out­si­de the ci­ty, the doctor the­re in­for­med us that Lil­le­bror pro­bably was not go­ing to ma­ke it. We spent 12 hours the­re, and they fi­nal­ly told us we had to leave and come back in the mor­ning. That night we all pray­ed – none of us be­ing re­li­gi­ous – we pray­ed to all gods. When we ca­me back the day af­ter, they in­for­med us im­me­di­a­tely that he had re­co­ve­red, mi­racu­lously. It was one of the best mo­ments of my li­fe. sc: Could you see Won­der­boo ma­king col­la­bo­ra­tions with ot­her li­fe­sty­le brands? mr: Ab­so­lu­tely! We are al­re­a­dy di­scus­sing col­la­bo­ra­tions with ot­her li­fe­sty­le brands and ce­leb­ri­ti­es who want to sup­port Won­der­boo and its cau­se. We will al­so ma­ke “cru­i­se” col­lec­tions with ce­leb­ri­ti­es, whe­re part of the pro­ceeds will go to re­le­vant cha­ri­ti­es and may­be dog shel­ters. We plan to col­la­bo­ra­te with brands to de­ve­lop new pro­ducts, for ex­amp­le col­la­bo­ra­tions with a tan­ne­ry to ma­ke le­at­her pro­ducts for the dog and its ow­ner. sc: How will Won­der­boo con­tri­bu­te to so­ci­e­ty in ge­ne­ral? mr: By con­tri­bu­ting to he­alt­hi­er dogs through he­alt­hi­er food and, in turn, hap­pi­er pe­op­le.

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