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Lu­cid drea­ming is a phe­no­me­non whe­re drea­mers are awa­re of the fact that they are drea­ming whi­le it’s hap­pe­ning. I first he­ard of this phe­no­me­non when I met Swe­dish-austra­li­an iden­ti­cal twin sisters Mi­ran­da and Elekt­ra Kil­bey, who are al­so known as the dream-pop duo Say Lou Lou.

Mi­ran­da and Elekt­ra had the sa­me recur­ring night­ma­re du­ring their child­hood. “The night­ma­re was ab­stract and con­tai­ned dark for­ces, and we used to wa­ke up and see forms flo­a­ting around our room,” the twins ex­plain. To help them over­come the ter­ror of their night­ma­res, their mother in­tro­du­ced them to lu­cid drea­ming. She taught them ex­er­ci­ses to help them re­direct whe­re their dreams were go­ing, as a met­hod to avo­id the recur­ring ter­ror. It beca­me their wea­pon.

Fast for­ward to 2015. The twins are ma­king mu­sic as Say Lou Lou. It’s been two ye­ars sin­ce they re­le­a­sed their first song on the In­ter­net, and they have just re­le­a­sed their first full-length al­bum.

“Our de­but al­bum Lu­cid Drea­ming could be descri­bed as a sum­ma­ry of eve­ryt­hing we’ve been through up un­til now,” Mi­ran­da tells me over a cup of tea at a re­stau­rant in So­fo, the Stock­holm neigh­bor­hood that ta­kes its in­spi­ra­tion from the si­mi­lar­ly na­med are­as of New York and Lon­don. It’s ear­ly mor­ning and ear­ly Spring. The twins are sip­ping their cups of tea, and out­si­de the ground is so­a­king wet from mel­ting snow.

“All the lo­ve sto­ri­es from our te­ens and bit­ter me­mo­ri­es beca­me songs,” Elekt­ra fills in.

Ho­wever, wor­king in the mu­sic in­du­stry was ne­ver the plan for Mi­ran­da and Elekt­ra Kil­bey, even though both of their pa­rents are for­mer mem­bers of 80s bands The Church and Pinkcham­pagne, and the sisters grew up in a ho­me filled with mu­sic. As de­fi­ant te­e­na­gers they wan­ted to pro­ve that they could go their own way, and it was not go­ing to in­clu­de mu­sic.

But af­ter mo­ving to Austra­lia to study and then drop­ping out of school short­ly the­re­af­ter, the sisters mo­ved back to Stock­holm and mu­sic found its way in­to in their lives any­way. Mi­ran­da and Elekt­ra re­a­li­sed that they felt an emp­ti­ness from ne­ver ha­ving been mu­si­cal­ly cre­a­ti­ve, and Say Lou Lou was born.

”We would pro­bably have gri­e­ved for the rest of our lives if we hadn't gi­ven mu­sic a chan­ce,” says Mi­ran­da.

In ad­di­tion to wri­ting and per­for­ming their ma­te­ri­al, Say Lou Lou has al­so started their own re­cord la­bel, à Deux. Mi­ran­da and Elekt­ra Kil­bey see their com­pa­ny as a me­ans to gain free­dom in their work. “We can ta­ke pro­jects in any direc­tion that we see fit, and we can de­ve­lop our mu­sic our own way,” they say. “Of cour­se, this al­so me­ans that the pro­jects are much smal­ler in sca­le, on the in­die sce­ne, but we are okay with that,” ex­plains Elekt­ra. For the mo­ment, Say Lou Lou is the on­ly act on their la­bel but they ho­pe to even­tu­al­ly expand.

The ta­len­ted twins are ex­pe­ri­en­cing their mo­ment in the sun right now, and mu­sic isn’t the on­ly thing kee­ping them busy. They are ea­sy on the eye, and their beau­ty and style has at­trac­ted the at­ten­tion of the glo­bal fashion pos­se. You can find Mi­ran­da and Elekt­ra in a co­lour­ful short film for Guc­ci’s pre-fall AW14 col­lec­tion, fron­ting the co­ver of V Ma­ga­zi­ne shot by le­gen­da­ry duo Inez & Vi­noodh, nu­me­rous fashion shoots for Vo­gue and design col­la­bo­ra­tions with in­ter­na­tio­nal re­tail gi­ants Top­shop, H&M and Za­ra.

If it sounds li­ke the twins have had an ama­zing couple of ye­ars, they have. But un­der the sur­fa­ce of it all, Say Lou Lou still see them­sel­ves as the te­e­na­gers that on­ce upon a ti­me were wor­king at a ham­bur­ger jo­int in Austra­lia and try­ing to fi­gu­re it all out.

“We’ve seen a lot du­ring the­se past th­ree ye­ars, and we’ve been on so ma­ny dif­fe­rent ad­ven­tu­res, me­e­ting all kinds of crazy pe­op­le. We ha­ven’t do­ne eve­ryt­hing, but we’ve had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ex­pe­ri­ence at le­ast a few things that most pe­op­le ne­ver will ex­pe­ri­ence in their li­fe­ti­mes,” they say.

The sisters tell me that the path that they have ta­ken to get to this mo­ment hasn’t been ea­sy for them. But they al­so say that they wouldn’t have it any ot­her way, and that they are hap­py that they have each ot­her to get them through.

“Sin­ce we are iden­ti­cal twins, we of­ten think the sa­me thoughts, and we are so synchro­ni­sed with each ot­her that it would pro­bably be dif­ficult to work with so­me­o­ne el­se. But then the­re are tho­se days when I just want to kill Elekt­ra,“says Mi­ran­da.

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