It’s Li­ke An Ira­ni­an Folsom Fes­ti­val

Odalisque - - Artwork By Sammy Slabbinck Written By Michaela Myh -

Ma­ko­de Lin­de is a Swe­dish ar­tist sha­king up his grey and dull sur­roundings. He ma­kes pe­op­le an­gry, hap­py and con­fu­sed, but most im­por­tant­ly, he ma­kes pe­op­le think. Right now he is in­vol­ved in the re­le­a­se par­ty for Zha­la’s de­but al­bum “Zha­la” in col­la­bo­ra­tion with Grolsch Stu­di­os. sc: Ma­ko­de, whe­re are you right now? ml: On my way to Grolsch Stu­di­os with a big bag of fun. sc: What is your cur­rent sta­te of mind? ml: I fe­el li­ke I’m on ac­id, which would be gre­at if I didn’t have so much to do. sc: To­night you and Zha­la are hos­ting a big par­ty, can you tell us of what to ex­pect? ml: It’s li­ke an Ira­ni­an Folsom fes­ti­val. ml: What is the hash­tag? ml: #zha­la­re­le­a­se­bo­dy #grolsch­stu­di­os sc: What’s your mis­sion? I’m not a mis­sio­na­ry man. Pre­fer dog­gy style... sc: What do you con­si­der your gre­a­test ac­hi­e­ve­ment? ml: Still be­ing in­te­res­ted in pe­op­le. sc: What’s the best ad­vice you’ve ever been gi­ven? ml: “The pa­ti­ent one will see the corp­ses of his ene­mi­es flo­at downstream.” sc: How would you ad­vi­se upcoming ar­tists and cre­a­ti­ve minds? ml: Don’t let the idi­ots get to you. sc: What was the big­gest risk you’ve ever ta­ken? ml: Ba­re­back on Berg­hain... sc: What is your gre­a­test fe­ar?

ml: To gi­ve up. sc: Which living per­son do you most ad­mi­re? ml: Ae­rea Ne­grot. She can chan­nel enough ener­gy to keep CERN run­ning! sc: What was the last thing you bought? ml: A bus tic­ket. sc: What is your gre­a­test ex­tra­va­gan­ce? ml: A bus tic­ket. sc: What is your most tre­a­su­red pos­ses­sion? ml: I know this guy... But I’m not su­re he’s pos­ses­sed yet... sc: What was your most me­mo­rab­le fashion mo­ment? ml: I got pic­ked up by a su­per hot­tie, whi­le wea­ring a toi­let seat li­ke a neck­la­ce. sc: Do you have a style mot­to? ml: No. sc: If you could change one thing about the fashion in­du­stry about what would it be? ml: The fashion pe­op­le. In­sert brain ple­a­se. sc: Whe­re do you fe­el most at ho­me? ml: Ho­me, in Ber­lin. sc: What is your perfect idea of hap­pi­ness? When and whe­re were you hap­pi­est? ml: On the be­ach, with a cu­te boy in one hand, and a hu­ge jo­int in the ot­her. sc: What ma­kes you laugh? ml: Tragedy. sc: What ma­kes you cry? ml: Thin­king about to­mor­row...

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