Back On Track With Ni­ke

Odalisque - - Artwork By Sammy Slabbinck Written By Michaela Myh -

Pro­bably the most ex­ci­ting Swe­dish de­sig­ner col­la­bo­ra­tion wit­hin sportswear, Swe­dish de­sig­ner Ann-so­fie Back has jo­i­ned for­ces with Ni­ke and created li­mi­ted edi­tion BACK x NI­KE pie­ces that will be gi­ven to all tho­se who sign up for the NTC Tour Stock­holm or Ni­ke Wo­men’s 10k this Ju­ne. Ann-so­fie Back is of­ten inspired by sportswear when cre­a­ting her col­lec­tions but, sur­pri­singly enough, Back her­self is al­so one hell of a run­ner. We ex­chang­ed a few words with her. sc: How of­ten do you go out for a run? ab: On­ce or twice a week. sc: Do you pre­fer to run by your­self or in a group? ab: In a group. sc: What do you lis­ten to when you’re out run­ning? ab: We of­ten talk; if I don’t run with my group I have my Boston ter­ri­er Be­ver­ly with me, and she runs fre­ely. I have to keep an eye on her so that she do­esn’t quit – she could run a mi­le, ea­sily! sc: What’s your run­ning ti­me for a 10k? ab: No, no, no! sc: You best me­mo­ry con­nec­ted with sports? ab: The­re must be a misun­derstan­ding. I’ve ne­ver do­ne sports, un­til now. I was damn good at Twis­ter though, anyo­ne re­mem­ber Twis­ter ? sc: What are your per­so­nal and pro­fes­sio­nal go­als? ab: [To be the] big­gest, best and fas­test – at both. sc: How do you fe­el about the con­nec­tion between fashion and sports? ab: Sportswear is pro­bably the big­gest and most lasting fashion in­flu­ence sin­ce, I don’t know, the 50s? sc: About the col­la­bo­ra­tion with Ni­ke – is the­re a spe­ci­fic go­al with this, or is it just a fun thing to do? ab: Well, I lo­ve Ni­ke. Eve­ryt­hing el­se is a sec­ret. sc: Tell us about the col­lec­tion. ab: It was im­por­tant that the me­dal felt li­ke a pie­ce of jewel­ry, so­met­hing that you would want to wear af­ter the run. I have al­ways been at­trac­ted to tho­se bro­ken-he­art neck­la­ces sin­ce I was a child so I thought that is was a good star­ting point. It was al­so im­por­tant to me that the print on the tank top and the bag re­al­ly felt li­ke BACK so I recre­a­ted a po­pu­lar BACK print “BACK FOR GOOD” to “BACK TO STHLM”. I wan­ted pe­op­le to re­cog­ni­ze it. Al­so, it was ve­ry fun to use our ico­nic BACK to­te as a mo­del for the bag but with a new se­a­so­nal print. Just be­ing ab­le to wri­te BACK x NI­KE is hu­ge! sc: When are you star­ting with menswear? ab: It’s mo­re li­kely that I would do clot­hes for dogs. sc: We are ho­ping to see BACK x NI­KE snea­kers soon! ab: Hey, me too!

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