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MM: How’s the cli­ma­te for stre­et ar­tists in Ja­pan?

2AN: I don’t pay much at­ten­tion. It’s ali­ve, but qui­te un­der­ground.

MM: Why do you think your work is upset­ting to so­me pe­op­le?

2AN: May­be they don’t re­a­li­ze that we have a re­al po­li­ti­cal cri­sis in Ja­pan. MM: What’s the worst th­re­at you’ve re­cei­ved so far?

2AN: I have for­got­ten.

MM: How will you con­ti­nue your work in the fu­tu­re?

2AN: Sa­me as al­ways. I want to ma­ke big pie­ces on big walls, le­gal­ly.

MM: Any regrets?

2AN: No

MM: Will you stay in To­kyo?

2AN: May­be...

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