Ba­jowoo x 6

Odalisque - - Bajowoo X 6 -

MM: What is 99%is- all about?

B: It’s about the fact that to me, the­re is 1% of cul­tu­re that do­esn’t “fit in” any­whe­re. I be­li­e­ve that it is that 1% that ti­es to­get­her and com­ple­tes the ot­her 99%is-.

MM: Do you wear any design ot­her than your own?

B: I li­ke vin­tage and wear a lot of it.

MM: Which ci­ti­es in Eu­ro­pe do you en­joy the most? B: Lon­don and Pa­ris.

MM: Which ci­ty do you en­joy the le­ast?

B: The­re isn’t one that comes to mind. MM: Best spot for a pi­er­cing?

B: I don’t have any pi­er­cings my­self so I wouldn’t know! MM: Are you punk?

B: Of cour­se. I can­not ma­ke mu­sic but I am punk in my own way.

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