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I Want to Li­ve Clo­se to You is a se­ri­es of pho­to­grap­hs docu­men­ting the Jacob Felländer´s jour­ney around the world. Set­ting out on a con­tem­po­ra­ry 12 day Grand Tour of New York, Los Ang­e­les, Hong Kong, Bom­bay, Du­bai and Pa­ris, Felländer used a mo­di­fi­ed ana­log ca­me­ra to cre­a­te spo­ra­di­cal­ly ex­po­sed pa­no­ra­mas of ci­ti­es flowing and col­li­ding in­to one anot­her. Felländer’s works de­pict ben­ding, twis­ting and dis­tor­ting ci­tys­ca­pes.

Using a mo­di­fi­ed ana­log ca­me­ra, the ar­tist was ab­le to wind and ex­po­se one cen­tim­ter of film at a ti­me, re­sul­ting in his col­la­ged pa­no­ra­mic portraits of distin­ct ci­ti­es, and a few swir­ling blends of mul­tip­le ci­ti­es mer­ged in­to one psyche­de­lic me­ga­lo­po­lis. In the­se pho­tos, the so­a­ring skyscra­pers of New York Ci­ty over­lap to form sharp, an­gu­lar structu­res. Hong Kong’s high den­si­ty housing yi­elds lush, tex­tu­ral pat­terns that emer­ge li­ke col­la­ged ur­ban ho­neycombs. His fren­zi­ed pho­to­grap­hs ha­ve an al­most pain­ter­ly ab­strac­tion that cap­tu­re both the beau­ty and the qu­i­et mag­ni­fi­cence of so­me of the worlds gre­a­test ci­ti­es.

Felländer says about ci­ti­es, “The­se cre­a­tions con­ti­nue to fa­sci­na­te me. Our ha­bi­tat in the­se pla­ces may se­em gro­tes­que, but we ac­tu­al­ly get along sur­pri­singly well in our ci­ti­es. We may think that we are uni­que in­di­vi­du­a­lists, all dif­fe­rent from each ot­her. But still, we choo­se to li­ve ex­tre­mely clo­se to one anot­her: Next to, un­der­ne­ath and on top of. So ve­ry clo­se to each ot­her."

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