Bro­gue i Kings­man

Nam­net bro­gue tros kom­ma från det gae­lis­ka or­det brog som be­ty­der sko.

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Har­ry Hart (Co­lin Firth):

”An Ox­ford is any for­mal shoe with open la­cing. This ad­di­tio­nal de­co­ra­ti­ve pie­ce is cal­led bro­gu­ing.”

Eggsy (Ta­ron Eger­ton):

”Ox­fords, not bro­gues.”

”Words to li­ve by, Eggsy. Words to li­ve by. Try a pair.”

Har­ry Hart:

VISS­TE DU ATT ... – Ur lmen Kings­man, 2014.

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