Ex­pe­ri­ence Spi­ri­ted Splen­dor in Kos­go­da

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In li­ne with the Com­pa­ny’s vi­sion to of­fer ex­clu­si­ve lei­su­re pro­per­ti­es at key se­lec­ted des­ti­na­tions, Asia Lei­su­re, a sub­si­di­a­ry of Asia Ca­pi­tal PLC opened its 5th lei­su­re pro­per­ty in the sout­hern coas­tal belt, ‘The Ha­bi­tat’ Kos­go­da on the 28th No­vem­ber 2017. The re­sort pro­vi­des a plet­ho­ra of mo­dern lux­u­ri­es to tra­vel­lers amid­st an al­lu­ring at­mosphe­re in­fu­sed with azu­re hues of a be­achfront pro­per­ty si­tu­a­ted ne­ar a sil­ky stretch of sand whe­re sea turt­les fre­quent. The pro­per­ty is loca­ted in Kos­go­da in the sout­hern coast of Sri Lan­ka wit­hin 95 kilo­me­ters from Colom­bo and 55 Kilo­me­ters from Gal­le.

The Ha­bi­tat is a small-sca­le lux­u­ry ho­tel that of­fers all the mo­dern day requi­re­ments such as Wi-Fi, room ser­vice and its key dif­fe­ren­ti­a­tion be­ing its 26 deluxe rooms as well as two su­i­tes of­fe­ring oce­an vi­ews from all ang­les of the room. The pro­per­ty will ca­ter to its cli­en­te­le’s high ex­pecta­tions with two spe­ci­al­ty re­stau­rants, a bar, a mag­ni­fi­cent pool ly­ing clo­se to the turquo­i­se In­di­an Oce­an, lux­u­ri­ous Ayr­ve­dic bath ame­ni­ti­es, spa fa­ci­li­ti­es, a gym and com­pli­men­ta­ry high speed Wi-Fi. Con­se­quent­ly, guests at The Ha­bi­tat can look for­ward to in­dul­ge in a lux­u­ri­ous ho­li­day ex­pe­ri­ence and ex­plo­re the re­gi­on’s ma­ny at­trac­tions.

ea­sy ac­cess to a num­ber THE HA­BI­TAT PRO­VI­DES of local at­trac­tions in­clu­ding the Sea Turt­le Hat­che­ry in Kos­go­da, Ri­ver sa­fa­ri op­por­tu­ni­ti­es in ne­ar­by Ma­du Ri­ver, wa­ter sports for the ad­ven­tu­rous, a Moonsto­ne mi­ne, a tra­di­tio­nal mask works­hop and mu­se­um in Am­ba­lango­da, the UNESCO he­ri­tage si­te of Gal­le Fort and wha­le watching in ne­ar­by Mi­ris­sa.

an ide­al ho­li­day ho­me for THIS PRO­PER­TY IS be­ach lo­vers with a pen­chant to­wards ex­plo­ra­tion. Guests at this sea front pro­per­ty can ex­pe­ri­ence a bliss­ful be­ach ho­li­day ex­pe­ri­ence com­ple­te with amp­le op­por­tu­ni­ti­es to la­ze on the be­ach, en­gage in wa­ter sports, re­lax­ing hours spent at the spa and sa­vou­ring de­lectab­le and fresh fa­re ser­ved at the two re­stau­rants, Salt and Tep­pan or even unwind at the Crimson Pool Bar and Moonu the Main Bar.

a num­ber of lux­u­ry ASIA LEI­SU­RE OPERATES lei­su­re pro­per­ti­es in­clu­ding Shi­na­ga­wa Be­ach in Ba­la­pi­tiya, Ta­ma­rind Hill in Gal­le, Ta­pro­ba­na in Wad­du­wa, The Ri­ver House in Ba­la­pi­tiya and the la­test ad­di­tion The Ha­bi­tat in Kos­go­da. Asia Lei­su­re is cur­rent­ly en­ga­ged in an ex­pan­sion dri­ve to establish mul­tip­le pro­per­ti­es in Gal­le, ci­ty ho­tels in Colom­bo and the Mal­di­ves. www.asi­a­lei­su­re.lk

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