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Zoo to help panda Lin Hui conceive


Chiang Mai Zoo is to perform artificial inseminati­on on giant panda Lin Hui this month.

Veterinari­an Kannikar Nimtrakul said yesterday the female panda has been spotted spreading her scent in her zoo enclosure to attract her mate Xuang Xuang.

She said she has been observing the behaviour of Lin Hui for more than one week.

The giant panda is expected to ovulate later this month and the zoo says it will perform artificial inseminati­on on her.

The vet said the two giant pandas could not mate naturally as Xuang Xuang had shown little or no interest in Lin Hui.

The artificial inseminati­on procedure will be the zoo’s fifth in 10 years since the two pandas first came to Thailand in 2003 under a 10-year loan contract granted by China.

The pandas are the parents of Lhinping, the first female panda born in Thailand.

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