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Father still seeking justice


A man who lost his wife in a car crash on March 13 and whose 7-year-old son sustained severe brain injuries in the same incident yesterday petitioned the Justice Ministry to look into progress in the police’s investigat­ion.

Wongsiri Khachayon, 35, said it has been almost two months since his wife was killed and his son injured in the crash and no headway had been made in the investigat­ion.

Each time he has asked police investigat­ors handling the case for more details about the crash, he has been given the same informatio­n, Mr Wongsiri said.

He said he has been left in the dark, especially about whether the driver of the other car was driving under the influence.

On March 13, his wife Nujira was driving a Toyota Vios to drop their son off at school in the Khu Bon area when a Mercedes Benz sedan driven by an 18-year-old male slammed into her car, Mr Wongsiri said.

Since the accident, he has had to quit work and stay home to take care of his injured son.

The family of the Mercedes driver has given him about 150,000 baht.

However, they told him that if he wanted further compensati­on he would have to go to court, he said.

Dusadee Arawuit, deputy permanent secretary for justice, said the ministry is looking into the case regarding Khannayao district police’s investigat­ion and will assign a lawyer to assist Mr Wongsiri if he wishes to pursue both criminal and civil suits against the Mercedes driver.

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