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Fruit inspection to be tighter


TRADE: The government pledges to tighten fruit inspection after complaints were filed that some unscrupulo­us exporters were shipping unripe fruits to Hong Kong.

According to Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn, importers had filed complaints to her during a recent visit to Hong Kong with Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripit­ak, some fruits shipped from Thailand were found to inedible.

In a move to tackle the issue, the Commerce Ministry will hold a joint meeting on May 15 with the Agricultur­e and Cooperativ­es Ministry and fruit exporters to find measures to prevent farmers from picking fruit that are not yet ripe enough for sale and export.

Thailand exports about 1.2 million tonnes of fruits worth 15 billion baht a year.

The commerce minister yesterday witnessed fruit future contracts between farmers and traders for 3,830 tonnes of fruit, worth 180 million baht.

Mrs Apiradi said the Internal Trade Department’s standardis­ed future contracts will help ensure income, reduce risks and promote quality standards.

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