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Who are the folks behind Karma Kilque?

We are a group of six friends based in Bangkok that all met each other through music. We have a very diverse skill set among the group and each individual brings their own talents and passion to each project to help make our events successes.

What does Karma Klique provide for music lovers in Thailand?

We are always looking to do something different and create truly memorable experience­s raising the bar with each of our events — with the singular goal of exceeding guests’ expectatio­ns. We’re doing stuff that no one else in the kingdom is doing and it has garnered us a strong following.

Our Karma Kamp event saw us head to a remote rock climbing camp in Khaeng Khoi that runs completely on solar power. We brought generators, a huge sound system and custom lighting rigs by lighting maestros Zieght. We built bars from scratch and brought everything together to the site, quite literally, in the middle of the jungle. The entire event ran like a mini festival across 24 hours as a transforma­tive experience for everyone who attended.

Our latest event Karma Kruise 2.0 saw us install a Funktion One sound system onto a cruise down the Chao Phraya River — a first for Bangkok — where 250 revelers partied their way down the river against the backdrop of Bangkok’s glittering skyline. How does a community like Karma Klique promote positivity?

We have a dual mission in our events. We aim to create unique experience­s that exceed guests’ expectatio­ns and develop a strong social focus. Our first event raised more than B100,000 for the Duang Prateep Foundation and provided a day of fun and excitement for the school children there, with magicians, clowns, activities and performanc­es. Our most recent event Karma Kruise 2.0 reached fundraisin­g goals of B100,000 that we contribute­d to the environmen­tal charity Warm Heart Worldwide. We visited the charity in Chiang Mai and were inspired by the works of director Michael Shafer. Our funds are going towards the charity’s “Stop the Smoke” campaign, bringing creative solutions aimed to reduce the toxic smoke that blankets the area from crop burning.

Music has been a powerfully positive influence in each of our lives and we are committed to harnessing its power and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

What are some of the visions you guys have going forward?

We will continue to create unique experience­s for our guests. Being that our model has philanthro­pic aims, we eschew traditiona­l models that require perpetual growth and want to make sure that every event has something very special, something that can’t be found anywhere else around Thailand or indeed, Southeast Asia. Our events are, by design and nature, intimate affairs that promote connection over commercial­ism. We have earned a strong following through events and will continue to push creative boundaries, creating and exploring new spaces and new experience­s for guests. — Luke James, Karma Klique’s copy writer and event planner

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