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What is the concept behind Fat Coco?

The concept is to offer a relaxed and care-free environmen­t and to create good times with great fusion style seafood and tropical drinks. Fat Coco is a beach club with house music playing daily and a home for the community behind that genre in Pattaya.

What does Fat Coco provide for music lovers?

Fat Coco provides house music as its core genre; we want to be known as the place to go for house music, but we also offer a variety of chilled out music from every genre, from reggae to chill hop. We want to be the place people come listen to music and DJs, wind down, make friends and memories.

What is the key to a strong music community?

The key is to have people who are open minded to new people, places and sounds. A strong music community is based on the connection­s made between individual­s and the relations they have with one another. Also the relation they have with the music and how that relation and appreciati­on is shared by everyone.

What can fans and newcomers expect from Fat Coco moving forward?

People can expect the finest place in Pattaya to sit back and enjoy a variety of lively upbeat music, everything from chilled out lounging music to tech, deep and funky house. We open at 11am and play cool and relaxed tunes, fit for loungers and people who are hanging out, swimming or eating. At 5pm we turn up the tempo and start playing some jams that will get you dancing. Late at night we have the indoor bar and DJ booth that keeps the house and tech house playing all night. Expect to make friends and become part of warm and welcome community. — Ey & Boat Ratanaopat­h, brothers, artistsa nd organisers behind FatCoco and Deep Dark Duck

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