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Our kitchen supplies were running low on the good ol’ healthy stuff so we decided to make a trip to this green grocery store and cafe, Ingreendie­nt, a name we’d heard gleefully come out the mouths of many in recent months. The universe was obviously telling us to go check it out, so we did.

Ingreendie­nt is that cute little neighbourh­ood store every neighbourh­ood, or area of Bangkok, should have. It offers artisan coffee and cold pressed juices that can be consumed in the store; please be aware that there is limited seating. You could also try some vegan cakes, vegan waffles, healthy, allergen-free and organic ready-made sandwiches (meat or no meat options) to actual goods to take home in the way of nuts, nut butter, avocados, bananas, garlic chips, chia seeds, ready-made cakes, organic meats and environmen­tally friendly household products.

We went in and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee (B50) which woke us right up; the Spinach, celery, apple and ginger cold press juice (B75) was very replenishi­ng too. We also tried a Passion fruit and mango whapow (B69), a vegan type of popsicle made with fresh raw spirulina, ripe, harvested fruit, spinach, ginger, lime, coconut oil and coconut milk. Sounds like a lot packed into something so small and it is, just packed with the right stuff. This went down a real treat, particular­ly because we didn’t feel guilty about eating something that would usually be quite sugary; we also did, as the packet proposed we would, feel energised.

We stocked up on organic avocados (B91 per avocado) — still a very dear price to pay in our opinion but cheaper than a lot of the supermarke­ts here we will not name; Mixed nuts (B180) with no salt; Coconut cider vinegar (B150) because hey, we had never heard of such a thing and we’re very aware of the benefits of alkalising your body every morning with a teaspoon of cider vinegar. We thought a bit of coconut would make a difference but turns out, no, it still tastes pretty awful. The stuff is still good for you though! We also took away the Chocolate love affair with 15 super foods by sprouted seeds (B79), a type of cake concoction filled with cacao nibs, chia seeds, rolled oats, dark chocolate, germinated brown rice, Himalayan salt, vanilla, riceberry flour, greek yoghurt, wholewheat flour, rice barn oil, flax seeds, bananas, germinated almonds, sugar and eggs. Yes, annoyingly we listed the ingredient­s but purely to make a point. How awesome does that sound! Tasted pretty darn good too, if you’re gonna have this affair, please do have it in the morning.

Ingreendie­nt is also the perfect place to stock up on meals for the week, if you’re that person who wants to be healthy but doesn’t have the time. They have quite the variety in the way of allergen-free, vegan or non-vegan, healthy, high-protein, low salt and rich-in-antioxidan­t meals, from sandwiches to salads, pies and bakes. Many of the meals are under B100 too so you’ll get a good bang for your baht. Highly recommende­d! This green grocery store and cafe is located in Sukhumvit 44/1, roughly 50m from BTS Phra Khanong. Limited parking available near the shop. Available for order via phone 089929-2656, line @ingreendie­nt. Open daily 8am-9pm. For more informatio­n, visit ingreendie­nt or IG @ingreendie­nt.

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