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Cold light of day


Earth’s climate changes naturally all the time. In the 1300s to the 1800s there was a “Little Ice Age” — a period of very cold weather when the river Thames in England froze to the bottom and people roasted oxen on its surface. Pirates crossing the Isthmus of Panama on foot nearly froze to death (today it’s a tropical climate).

Today they say “climate change”, implying global warming, but they can’t say that anymore. And they also imply that man is changing the climate by putting more CO2 into the air by burning fossil fuels. Water vapour is a much more effective greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and there is way more water vapour in the atmosphere than CO2, so why not try to reduce water vapour?

The fact is, the biggest influence on our climate is the Sun, and the Sun varies in intensity. Why should we spend billions and billions of dollars to reduce one small influence on the earth’s ability to retain heat? It’s nonsensica­l. Trading “carbon credits” is just another way for Wall Street to make big money for themselves.


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