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Hauled into question


Re: “Democracy a work in progress”, (PostBag, June 4).

I am delighted at P Jackson’s thoughtful response to my recasting of PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s four questions.

Thus, I support his recasting of Gen Prayut’s questions so that they are unbiased. For example, he asks, “How can we encourage and enable the general public to peacefully exert control over its elected officials (at all levels)... in order to hold them to account and ensure that they serve the needs of all sectors of society?”

I recasted Gen Prayut’s questions to show that they were leading and could easily be used to engineer a specific outcome. I did not put words into Yingluck Shinawatra’s mouth. Au contraire, I stated that I was recasting Gen Prayut’s lines of thought to see them from her point of view, to show how leading the drafts were.

To achieve his aim of finding out what we the people wish, Gen Prayut should immediatel­y substitute P Jackson’s questions for his original ones. Better yet, Gen Prayut should encourage the different political colours to engage in extensive, inclusive, cross-colour discussion of P Jackson’s version.


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