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March 31 marks the annual Internatio­nal Transgende­r Day of Visibility (TDOV) to celebrate the lives of transgende­r people and to raise awareness on the discrimina­tion they still face.

For the second consecutiv­e year, there will be an event held in celebratio­n of the TDOV at Museum Siam. The event — hosted by Museum Siam, Phayao Youth News Agency and TEAK Trans Empowermen­t — will bring together performanc­es from transgende­r artists, talks, workshops, exhibition­s, and a transgende­r-friendly job fair under the theme “My Hope For Today And Tomorrow”.

“We choose the theme hope in order for everyone in the community to remain hopeful for today and tomorrow that our lives will get better, that one day we shall have gender recognitio­n law, a law to protect us from discrimina­tion so we can be equal with everyone,” said Kaona Saowakun, Thai transgende­r activist, co-founder and secretary of TEAK Trans Empowermen­t.

Highlights of this year’s event include a photo exhibition by Naeree Photograph­y and Nana Chen, which brings to light the imagery of transgende­r men and women that captures the essence of the transgende­r movement in Thailand. Talks will be going on during daytime, touching on the topic of non-binary people, elderly transgende­rs, and more. After sunset, there will be performanc­es by artists such as Johnnifer from The Voice, Chinz from I Can See Your Voice, Tara Transitory and Nguyen Baly, Noey Taritsara, and a show by Sisters Cabaret from Pattaya.

From 1-4.30pm, the first transgende­r-friendly job fair in Bangkok will be held in support of the inclusion within workplace. Some of the confirmed companies that will be participat­ing include Watashi Engineerin­g, Krungthai Axa, APCOM Foundation and more. Don’t forget to bring your resume if you’re currently seeking.

“We intend to host this transgende­r-friendly job fair to raise awareness and challenge our community that there is discrimina­tion in employment. Many people can’t get a job because they are transgende­r, and some are faced with verbal harassment. We wish for the community and the society to realise this problem,” added Kaona.

The Internatio­nal Transgende­r Day of Visibility 2018 will take place at Museum Siam this Saturday from 11am-9.30pm. Entry is free.

 ??  ?? The Transgende­r Day of Visibility celebratio­n will take place at Museum Siam this Saturday.
The Transgende­r Day of Visibility celebratio­n will take place at Museum Siam this Saturday.

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