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River bursts banks flooding 400 homes in Phetchabur­i


PHETCHABUR­I: Almost 400 households in Kang Krachan and Tha Yang districts have been hit by floods after the Phetchabur­i River overflowed in the wake of the Kaeng Krachan dam spilling over.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) reported yesterday that the Phetchabur­i River burst its banks and inundated 396 households in 27 villages of six tambons in the two districts.

Those affected by the deluge can contact Hotline 1784 around the clock to seek help, according to the DDPM.

The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has said the water level in the Kaeng Krachan dam would peak today.

RID director-general, Thongplew Kongjun, said water from the spillover would reach Muang district on Sunday, where low-lying areas could be submerged under 30-50 centimetre­s of water.

As of yesterday, 737 million cubic metre of water was in the dam, about 3% more than its storage capacity. Additional water pumps and siphon machines were placed on the dam’s spillway to speed up discharge of water.

Tha Yang district chief, Anon Prompriang, said two tambons in his district through which the Phetchabur­i River passes were flooded, adding that 16 villages were under 10-20 cm of water.

District officials and relevant agencies were distributi­ng sandbags to locals, he said, adding if there is no further rainfall, the situation could return to normal soon.

The dam spillover was reported to have affected 62 riverside restaurant­s and 10 resorts downstream close to the facility. Residents upstream from the dam in Kang Krachan district were also struggling due to the rising water.

Sanisa Anusak, a 23-year-old resident of Ban Nam Sap in tambon Kang Krachan, said on Facebook that villages upstream from the dam were severely flooded with water reaching up to house roofs. Crops were also destroyed or damaged.

In the northeaste­rn province of Nong Khai, floods have hit farmland in Ban Chiang-art of Phon Phisai district’s tambon Laotangkha­m and Ban Donsud of Muang district’s tambon Hat Kham.

Several waterways overflowed, unable to cope with the amount of water flowing out to the Mekong River, which keeps rising, according to officials.

The southern region was also experience­d flooding.

In Surat Thani, run-off from Khao Sok National Park caused the Sok canal to overflow, flooding 200 households in tambon Phanom of Phanom district under 50-150 cm of water.

Flooding also struck three villages in Chai Buri district with several schools suspending classes.

In Phangnga, the Takua Pa River burst its banks and inundated Ban Kok Kian of Takua Pa district. About 10 households were affected.

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