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Ac­tress ‘poaches’ boyfriend

Ac­tress Preechaya “Ice” Pongth­ananikorn is com­ing un­der re­newed fire for try­ing to poach a for­mer ac­tress’s boyfriend, de­spite her claims that she dropped him when she re­alised he was flirt­ing.

Ice went be­fore the me­dia ear­lier this month af­ter ac­tress and model Or­nalin “Cookie” Chaiporn popped up on her In­sta­gram, ask­ing her to get in touch. Ne­ti­zens quickly de­ci­phered the message, say­ing Cookie wanted

Ice to stop chat­ting to her boyfriend.

Ice, who de­nies chas­ing him, said Cookie’s boyfriend, hi-so busi­ness­man Chid­pon “Fight” Mang­prom, had con­tacted her with a pro­posal that she take a share­hold­ing in a busi­ness ven­ture.

He asked to meet but when she turned up she found he was re­ally more in­ter­ested in flirt­ing. The two did not talk long and she did not know he was al­ready see­ing Cookie, who in her IG exchange also pub­lished a chat be­tween Ice and Chid­porn in which Ice sug­gested they go shop­ping. She also re­veals she wanted a boyfriend.

“We made a time to meet, but I took a friend. I am sin­gle, so it is nor­mal that I am ap­proached by peo­ple who want to flirt,” Ice said.

Cookie had ap­par­ently tried to reach Ice her ear­lier, but Ice said she didn’t see the message, as she rarely goes through her in­box her­self. Ice said she now un­der­stood that Fight had with­held his in­ter­est in Ice from his girl­friend, and that he had tricked her. He had since apol­o­gised for the de­cep­tion and the pair were no longer in touch.

Cookie, a for­mer ac­tress and net idol, went be­fore the cam­eras last week to put her side of the story af­ter the so­cial me­dia fuss which ac­com­pa­nied the saga should no sign of let­ting up. She said Ice had not been in touch her­self but had asked a friend to con­tact her, who used un­pleas­ant lan­guage and threat­ened to “ex­pose” her on so­cial me­dia.

More crit­i­cally, Cookie said she was sure Ice knew that Fight had a girl­friend, but kept chas­ing him re­gard­less.

“She didn’t speak the whole truth. I can see from the chat it was more than busi­ness. I re­ally want to talk to her. The first time I made con­tact she didn’t re­spond. But her friend made con­tact, crit­i­cised me and posted the exchange on IG.

“My only mo­tive was to tell her to stop mess­ing with my boyfriend, to stop call­ing him. I didn’t want to get famous as they claim. I just wanted back what is mine. I didn’t think it would turn into such a big drama,” Cookie said.

Ice claimed she did not see her orig­i­nal message ask­ing her to get in touch, but Cookie doubts that. “She gets thou­sands of com­ments a day, she says ... but she knew who I was. If she didn’t, would this saga have es­ca­lated this much?

“I went to Europe with Fight for 15 days ... they were chat­ting ev­ery day. Her friend made con­tact, said Ice was famous, not some liar or fake. But I don’t care whether she was famous or not, I just wanted my boyfriend back,” she said.

“The other side replied as if Ice didn’t want to re­turn him. I stressed again that if she would just leave him alone, the whole thing would end.

“Her friend asked why I was mak­ing such a fuss, it’s not as if we are mar­ried. But if you love some­one, who wouldn’t be jeal­ous or pos­ses­sive? If it was her, how would she feel?

“I don’t think my boyfriend tricked her at all. I think she knew very well he had a girl­friend al­ready.

“He ad­mits flirt­ing with her, and told her we had quit, as that’s what men do ... they are in love one mo­ment, fall out the next. Who else would know other than the two peo­ple in­volved?

“Peo­ple crit­i­cised me on IG, ask­ing why I didn’t take bet­ter care of him.

“Well, he is now back with me, and we are to­gether ev­ery day. He strayed, but I have for­given him. Fight now lets me check ev­ery­thing ... since the news broke the other side has not been in touch. I am sure that if I had said noth­ing, I would have lost him.”

Ice late last month posted an exchange with a friend, pos­si­bly the same one who spoke to Cookie, who asked if she was kick­ing up a fuss merely to cre­ate a “scene’ for her­self. She de­nied Ice had chased Fight, sug­gested she was hav­ing trou­ble keep­ing him in check so blamed oth­ers, and said if she pur­sued her er­rant boyfriend this ag­gres­sively he might sim­ply take flight.

Un­re­pen­tant, Cookie said knows what ev­ery woman who en­ters Fight’s life wants. Far from re­sent­ing her in­tru­sion, he had de­cided to stick by her. “Fight doesn’t sup­port me, as I have my own busi­ness. But we look af­ter each other’s feel­ings, and un­der­stand each other. I want other women to know that he has an owner now, and while he might be un­faith­ful he sees other woman as mere play­things, a way to re­lieve stress,” she said.

Eve de­nies sink­ing in the fangs

Rocker Sek Loso’s girl­friend has de­fended her­self from ne­ti­zens’ jibes that she is sit­ting around lazily even as the singer, who says he has bipo­lar dis­or­der, has sup­pos­edly fallen on hard times.

Sek last week posted an ad on so­cial me­dia ap­peal­ing to in­ter­ested buy­ers for a 5 rai prop­erty of his in the Lat Phrao area, spark­ing spec­u­la­tion that the rocker, who is re­cov­er­ing af­ter a spell in hos­pi­tal where he was treated for bipo­lar dis­or­der, is run­ning out of money.

The message co­in­cided with re­newed claims by his for­mer wife, Wiphakorn “Kan” Sukpi­mai, that Sek had again fallen be­hind with his main­te­nance pay­ments for the cou­ple’s three chil­dren, and to make mat­ters worse had raided their sav­ings ac­counts.

“I ask you ... can you tell the dif­fer­ence be­tween good and bad any more? You have bro­ken all the clauses in our divorce agree­ment,” she wrote on so­cial me­dia.

“You said you would buy a new home and give this one to the kids, but all you do is waste more money. You also have me take re­spon­si­bil­ity for the con­se­quences. You are not in­ter­ested in the fate of any­one else, whether the kids or I are strug­gling, you just want to make sure you and the co­bra are okay,” she said.

This was an un­flat­ter­ing ref­er­ence to Sek’s live-in girl­friend, for­mer model Apisaya “Eve” Pat­tana­worasap, whom Kan, joined by some ne­ti­zens, has likened to an idle snake sit­ting around home wait­ing for its next feed.

Crit­ics said Eve should go out to work rather than car­ing for Sek full-time, with some claim­ing she was wait­ing to get hands on the land sale pro­ceeds.

Post­ing an im­age of her­self with Sek at a night mar­ket and an­other in which she ac­com­pa­nied the per­former to a meeting with a teacher at his daugh­ter’s school, Eve re­ferred obliquely to claims that the rocker was run­ning out of money, say­ing he could al­ways go out and earn again. “How­ever, re­plac­ing the one by your side is much harder,” she said, re­fer­ring to the sup­port she gives him as his live-in part­ner.

Later she took a more di­rect ap­proach, say­ing crit­ics ap­peared to think she should be the one sup­port­ing Sek rather than the other way around. “They seem to ex­pect me to get a job and sup­port Sek be­fore I can be re­garded as a de­cent woman in their eyes,” she grum­bled. Sek has not com­mented on claims that he is hav­ing trou­ble mak­ing ends meet.

Ac­tor wins defama­tion case

Ac­tor and direc­tor Atichart ‘‘Aum’’ Chum­nanont, left, is wel­com­ing the out­come of a dis­pute with a com­pany which he took to court two years ago, af­ter it sug­gested he ran a soap opera badly and doc­tored the ac­counts.

The Crim­i­nal Court has up­held his claims of defama­tion against Blue Rib­bon Ad­ver­tis­ing which he hired to work on his soap opera, Chao Weha, in late 2015, and awarded him 11 mil­lion baht, down from the 50 mil­lion baht he claimed.

Aum filed court papers with the court in Septem­ber, 2016, two days af­ter the firm went pub­lic with its claims. The firm was re­spond­ing to al­le­ga­tions by four young ac­tors in Aum’s se­ries, that they had yet to get paid for their work. Both sides traded blame for the non-pay­ment.

Aum’s com­pany Hok Hanu­man says it hired Blue Rib­bon to scout lo­ca­tions and hire some of the cast and crew for the 26-part se­ries which Aum made for True You, the project owner, late in 2015. How­ever, Aum in­sists all his bills were paid. The four ac­tors said they were owed 500,00 baht from their work on the se­ries.

In his ini­tial re­sponse, Aum pre­sented re­ceipts from Blue Rib­bon which he says showed he paid the ac­tors’ wages, part of the 39 mil­lion baht his firm re­ceived from True to make the se­ries.

Up­dat­ing the saga last week, Aum said the pri­mary court which heard the case had now ruled in his favour with the 11 mil­lion baht dam­ages award. “I took three cases against com­pany, and the court found in my favour at the end of last month. They haven’t been in touch to say if they’ll pay, though their lawyers have asked for four ex­ten­sions, and the right to ap­peal.

“I have to let law take its course, but I am happy with the de­ci­sion. As far as the ac­tors are con­cerned, they say they have now been paid,” he said.

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