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Re: “Thai­land tops Asean road death ta­ble”, (On­line Dec 7).

This should be made a ma­jor is­sue in the up­com­ing political bick­er­ing, aka elec­tion time. Not one politi­cian, not one past gov­ern­ment in­clud­ing the present gov­ern­ment has paid any­thing but the weak­est lip ser­vice to this is­sue, as if, why bother, it’ll con­tinue any­way. It is high time real laws, re­al­is­tic laws, laws with se­vere penal­ties, (not the slap on the wrist stuff ), were en­acted and en­forced. Se­vere jail time with no re­duced time for good be­hav­iour, life sen­tences for drunk driv­ers with no ap­peal, de­nial of driver’s li­cences for life, ve­hi­cle con­fis­ca­tion, and fines in the 4-fig­ure range might put the message across.

It also of course would help if roads were made safer with proper paving, re­mov­ing trees and vines that hide road signs, and, putting po­lice pa­trols on coun­try roads. Why are all traf­fic laws in Thai­land treated as a joke, with a smile and a “mai pen rai”? Be­cause that’s ex­actly what traf­fic laws are, big jokes, to be scoffed at, and treated lightly, or with dis­dain.


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