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Be­yond the ba­sic bi­ol­ogy of trees, they also re­duce our car­bon foot­print in var­i­ous ways. Here are some of the many en­vi­ron­men­tal ben­e­fits of plant­ing trees:

A ma­ture tree helps to re­duce runoff in an ur­ban set­ting. As rain­wa­ter falls, much of it gets picked up by trees, pre­vent­ing it from end­ing up in storm drains. On av­er­age, a ma­ture tree can ab­sorb up to 3,785 litres of rain­fall that would oth­er­wise need to be pumped and fil­tered, re­quir­ing ad­di­tional en­ergy.

Trees also ab­sorb ozone, which is a po­tent green­house gas.

The shade from a sin­gle tree can save the same amount of en­ergy re­quired by 10 room-sized air con­di­tion­ers need to run for 20 hours a day.

Us­ing trees to pro­vide wind­breaks around your house can re­duce your heat­ing bill — and the at­ten­dant en­ergy con­sump­tion — by 20 to 50% per year.

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