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CAAT allows sanitiser gel as carry on


The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) will allow passengers, pilots, and cabin crews to carry liquid hand sanitisers on board in an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronaviru­s.

The announceme­nt of the relaxation of the rule on liquids was issued yesterday by Chula Sukmanop, the CAAT director-general.

Under the new rule, passengers, pilots and cabin crews as well as airport staff are allowed to carry liquid hand sanitisers with a maximum volume not exceeding 350 millilitre­s (12 ounces) into restricted areas of public airports and planes.

The container of the liquid must clearly provide informatio­n about the substance and its volume.

Moreover, each passenger, pilot, cabin crew and airport staff will be allowed to carry several bottles of a designated liquid hand sanitiser on board and into restricted areas. However, the combined volume must not exceed 1,000 millilitre­s.

Security staff are authorised to check and test liquids before they are allowed to be taken on board.

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