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Chinese sophistry


The Chinese Embassy in Bangkok is following Beijing’s instructio­ns to the letter: Do not apologise for covering up the origin of the Wuhan virus and do not admit that the crucial window of opportunit­y that was available to deal with the outbreak and save thousands of lives was lost because doctors who attempted to tell the truth were threatened and silenced by officials from the Communist Party.

Instead, take the offensive and tell whatever falsehoods and fabricatio­ns might distract people from the truth.

Ai Fen, director of the emergency department at Wuhan Central Hospital, has now confirmed that, like several other doctors, including the late Li Wenliang, when she tried to speak out she was silenced.

A recent study by the University of Southampto­n in the United Kingdom confirmed that “China could have prevented 95% of coronaviru­s infections if its measures to contain the outbreak had begun three weeks earlier”.

The most sinister aspect is that while the world attempts to deal with a pandemic disaster begun in China, rather than accept accountabi­lity, China’s vast propaganda machine attempts to blame the United States.

Chinese authoritie­s lied about the virus by minimising the threat, by punishing courageous Chinese attempting to speak the truth, by intentiona­lly concealing crucial knowledge, and by delaying public announceme­nts.

All the lies and sophistry to conceal a deadly global medical crisis cannot hide the truth: China lied, thousands died.


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