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Aston Martin unveils new V6

In-house developed engine is designed to take turbo and hybrid technologi­es


That’s quite a bold investment!

Yes, it is. Aston Martin has conceded that making its own engine is a tall order but is essential in keeping its sports car business alive.

The motor is a 3.0-litre V6 with a “hot vee” design, whereby two turbocharg­ers are placed neatly within the cylinder banks.

By maximising on space efficiency, this will allow Aston to accommodat­e electrific­ation in the form of the normal hybrid and the plug-in type so that the new powertrain can meet Euro 7 emission standards as well.

Aston says this V6 will be capable of producing higher outputs than the other engines it has, which currently include the 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12, as well as the 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 sourced from Mercedes-AMG.

In the DBS Superlegge­ra, for one, the V12 makes 725hp. Considerin­g the technologi­es now available in electrific­ation, power in the new V6 could hit


Wow! Which Aston will get the V6 first?

Aston Martin says the Valhalla will be the first model to get the V6 in 2022. It’s an exclusive mid-engined supercar that will be made in only small numbers of just 500.

The Valhalla is being jointly developed with Aston’s F1 racing partner, Red Bull, and will star in the upcoming James Bond movie, No Time to Die.

The business case for this V6 should be justified when Aston officially gives the green light for series production of a second mid-engine sports car.

First previewed as the Vanquish Vision Concept, this particular Aston is likely to go on sale in 2023 as a rival for the Ferrari F8 Tributo, Lamborghin­i Huracan and McLaren 720S in the 25-million-baht range of supercars.

Will rivals follow with such an engine?

It’s most likely that those aforementi­oned competitor­s will join the V6 bandwagon to secure the future of their sports cars.

While Lamborghin­i should be drawing its expertise in electrific­ation from the Volkswagen Group, which it belongs to, Ferrari and McLaren will have some cards up their sleeves as well.

Rumours in Europe suggest that McLaren is planning to showcase a new V6 hybrid later this year for its entrylevel Sport Series range.

Ferrari has already unveiled the SP90 Stradale with V8 plug-in hybrid, so the next step is likely to be an electrifie­d V6.

But whether this unit will have anything to do with the one in Maserati’s pending MC20 supercar remains to be seen. The MC20 has been confirmed with V6 power by its maker.

 ??  ?? Turbos are placed in between the cylinder banks.
Turbos are placed in between the cylinder banks.

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