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Europe becoming the new source of ecstasy pills


>>An anti-narcotics task force has seized 30,000 ecstasy pills being delivered from Germany, taking the total amount of drugs confiscate­d from the country and other European nations to more than 140,000 pills.

Niyom Termsrisuk, secretary-general of the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) said yesterday that the Airport Interdicti­on Task Force (AITF) had seized a total of 30,465 ecstasy pills, packed in six boxes, being delivered from Germany.

The drug parcels were seized on March 19 and officials are tracking down those responsibl­e.

Ecstasy is classified as a Type 1 Narcotic — a classifica­tion which means the drug has severe health effects.

Smugglers of a Type 1 Narcotic are subject to a maximum penalty of the death sentence and/or a five million baht fine.

Mr Niyom said Germany and countries in Europe are emerging as the new source of ecstasy supply.

During the past six months, ONCB’s AITF has made arrests in 18 cases, nabbed 21 suspects and confiscate­d 142,762 ecstasy pills.

Most of the drugs are smuggled to foreigners in night clubs, according to Mr Niyom.

He warned drug users of the health effects of consuming ecstasy pills.

ONCB’s laboratory has found that ecstasy pills from these countries contain 40-60% more methylened­ioxymetham­phetamine (MDMA), four times higher than in ya ba or methamphet­amine.

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