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Re: “End tourist paper chase”, (Editorial, March 28).

Finally an editorial which shows concern for the thousands of foreigners forced to queue daily at immigratio­n in the middle of a pandemic. I am not one of them.

There must be people from nearly every nationalit­y on earth out there, but as far as I can tell, not one diplomat from any country has come forward and tried to protect their citizens by requesting some sort of mercy from the government.

Nor as far as I can tell has the Tourist Authority of Thailand, which appears always so desperate to attract as many tourists as possible, suggesting, for example, that some sort of visa amnesty be declared especially for people stranded here against their will.

I prefer to think this whole situation is caused by inflexible bureaucrat­ic minds unable to conceive of anything but strictly following the law, but I am wondering if this situation would exist if all those people were Thais.

A Reader

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