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Dan Snaith’s seventh outing as Caribou is a poignant portrait of his home life set to a surprising sonic palette

- By Chanun Poomsawai

The Avalanches (Feat. Blood Orange) / We Will Always Love You

With a 16-year gap between their 2000s debut LP and its follow-up, it’s obvious that Australian electronic outfit The Avalanches like doing things in their own good time. Now, after another four years following their 2016’s Wildflower, they’re back with We Will Always Love You, a collaborat­ion with Blood Orange’s Devonté Hynes. The song opens with an ethereal sample of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ I’ll Take You Anywhere That You Come. In the background, Hynes vocalises along, eventually offering his own wistful spoken-word verse (“Draped in monotony… Think about leaving the house/ But my fears aren’t letting up”). However, this being The Avalanches’ single, one sample is never enough. During the chorus, we also have an interpolat­ion of The Roches’ Hammond Song, which essentiall­y gives the track its title.

Lady Gaga / Stupid Love

In 2009, Lady Gaga “wants your bad romance” and now in 2020, she wants “your stupid love”. This update arrives with Stupid Love, the new single that marks her return to the campy, largerthan-life pop landscape she’d previously left to pursue her country hankering with 2016’s rootsy Joanne. Taking us back to the late 00s, the pop chameleon sings about the simple act of wanting to fall in love (“I don’t need a reason/ Not sorry, I want your stupid love!”). Digging the good old Gaga sound? Keep an eye out for her upcoming sixth studio album, Chromatica, for the full experience.

E-San Fusion / Funk Der La

Bearing one of the most straightfo­rward band names in recent memory, emerging Thai quartet E-San Fusion bring us the latest slice of luk thung hybrid in the form of Funk Der La. The groove-laden number features an interplay between percussion and phin melodies, creating a driving molam backdrop with a layer of irresistib­le funk. And even though there’s a spoken-word passage delivered by Swedish-born luk thung crooner Jonas Anderson, the song is very much still in the tradition of instrument­al molam à la Paradise Bangkok Molam Internatio­nal Band and Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band.

Disclosure, Eko Roosevelt / Tondo

UK siblings Disclosure have been busy exploring Afro-centric music and it clearly shows on their latest cut, Tondo. The song features a sample of Tondoho Mba by Cameroonia­n artist Eko Roosevelt and finds brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence giving it their own unique spin. The result is a glorious fusion between disco, house and Caribbean coated with a rousing vocal chant. Tondo, along with the previously shared Ecstasy and Expressing What Matters, should herald the imminent arrival of the long overdue follow-up to 2015’s Caracal.

Jessie Ware / Spotlight

UK singer-songwriter Jessie Ware gives us a glimpse into her upcoming fourth studio album with new single Spotlight. Set to a sophistica­ted house-disco glimmer, the song shares distinct sonic DNA with 2018’s Overtime. Vocally, Ware is as sleek and soulful as ever — “If only I could let you go, if only I could be alone/ I just wanna stay in moonlight, this is our time in the spotlight,” she intones alongside a carefree groove. According to the singer, her forthcomin­g LP, titled What’s Your Pleasure?, will essentiall­y be about escapism and her bidding adieu to “the melancholy Jessie”.

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