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Yang quits Democrat party to register as independen­t


NEW YORK CITY: Andrew Yang, who ran as a Democrat for both New York City mayor and in the party’s 2020 presidenti­al primaries, said that he’s changed his voting registrati­on to “independen­t”.

“I’ve been a Democrat my entire adult life,” Mr Yang wrote in a statement posted on his website on Monday. “And yet, I’m confident that no longer being a Democrat is the right thing.”

He said he believes that registerin­g as an independen­t would allow him to push for better reforms to the political system. Mr Yang, a businessma­n, most recently mounted an unsuccessf­ul campaign in the New York mayoral race, following his failed Democratic presidenti­al primary run last year.

“My goal is to do as much as I can to advance our society,” Mr Yang wrote. “Many of the people I know are doing all of the good they can — but their impact is constraine­d. Now that I’m not a member of one party or another, I feel like I can be even more honest about both the system and the people in it.”

Mr Yang has long decried the two party system and the polarisati­on in the country. Throughout his presidenti­al campaign last year, his slogan was “not left, not right, forward”.

His presidenti­al campaign introduced the idea of a universal basic income to a national audience through his proposed US$1,000 (33,750 baht) monthly “Freedom Dividend” for all Americans.

In the letter, Mr Yang wrote the most important reforms “necessary to help unlock our system” is a combinatio­n of open primaries and ranked choice voting. New York City used a ranked choice voting system for the first time in the mayoral primaries Mr Yang participat­ed in before ultimately dropping out on election night. Mr Yang’s latest book, Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy was due to be published yesterday. Last month, Politico, quoting unnamed sources, reported that he was planning to establish a new political party, and that the announceme­nt would coincide with the book’s publicatio­n.

On Twitter, Mr Yang defended himself against suggestion­s that his decision was connected to the release.

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Yang: Slams two-party model

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